'3D Magic Chess' Hit the App Store FREE!!!!

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'3D Magic Chess' Hit the App Store FREE!!!!

Hi guys! just as said above, our AI is incredibly intelligent.

Do you think you can make it???? Think again!!!!Cool


Or if you are smart enough to beat our AI, you can challange your friends via Wi-Fi, which is filled with another fun.

 AppStore Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3d-magic-chess/id436978980?mt=8&ls=1



Features distinguished from other chess games:

-Collision and Integration: magic style + 3D scene collide and integrate with traditional board chess + ancient temple hall, making players feel as if in a fairyland

-Customization: two modes for you (Player vs Player via Wi-Fi, Player vs AI), various difficulty levels suitable for both beginners and experts, and above all, EASY to play.







Have a nice day!


We keep upgrading and have fixed the issue about crash and black screen. The next version is coming sooooooooooooooooooooon!!!! Also the Mac version will hit the App Store soon!

Here is the preview:



Yeah, it comes finally!!!! Version 1.1 Available (more polished, more levels, more enhancement)Cool

New Features in Version 1.1

-Improve interface, make it more polished
-New chanllanges, a higher difficulty added : Level 6
-Fixed minor bugs and loads of performance enhancement

Hi, there! '3D Magic Chess Pro', a huge improvement in 3D Magic Chess, is coming out soon!



To be continued....