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Libby and Cole are off on a vacation to France in 2 Tasty Too: l’Amour a Paris! Once there, Libby’s friend Matthieu offers to teach her how to make delicious delicacies and become an expert in French cuisine! Travel all over France and cook up incredible meals in this fantastic Time Management game. Become a gourmet chef and learn real recipes all while enjoying fast-paced fun in 2 Tasty Too: l’Amour a Paris!

2 Tasty Too Review

Jan 31, 2012

Developers know you're only as good as your last game, and unfortunately for Maximize Games, their last game was the ill-conceived Silent Scream: The Dancer. Before making that buggy, confusing, chock-full of bad dialog hidden object game, the company made a great little time-management/romance game in 2010 called 2 Tasty. Thank goodness, Maximize seems to have realized the error of its ways and gone back to what it does well; the result is a fun little sequel to 2 Tasty called 2 Tasty Too: L'Amour a Paris.

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