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User review by EssenceFreedom


While some of the English may be a bit off, its rarely bad enough to cause any confusion. I have to say my friend and I completely disagreed with the reviewer's thoughts on the voice acting. In fact, the one that made us laugh the MOST was the school teacher! This is a funny game that can actually have you giggling in your chair and VERY refreshing change up from the mass of HOGS out there. The sheer amount of thought put into making the minigames diverse and new alone makes this game stand out as something thats not just another HOG to check off your list.

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User review by sotong


Um this game is way too "kiddy" for me. Even the graphics are very juvenile. Didn't like after 10 minutes of play and have uninstalled it.

User review by certifiedmom


the game is boring and waste of time.i play games to release my stress but this game stress me more.why?i end up regretting purchasing the game.been fool by the title of the game.

User review by Ponchee Eehcnop


This game should be renamed "1 Story 100 Problems"

This game seemed like an interesting little game to bust stress...
NOT what it looks like...

BAD graphics
HORRIBLE grammar and spellings
gets STUCK a LOT
voices that SQUEAK

I'm being generous by even giving it a one star rating...

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User review by Amybcd


I sure would like to know how to paint the map. I do not like this game at all. I have been stuck for 6 days trying to get the map drawn.

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User review by moonwitch


This game has potential that was not used. It ended up being a little too much on the juvenile side with quirky voices. It's cutely drawn and looks interesting from the description, but it ends there. I found this game to be nearly as bad as the "I Spy" series but not quite. It would be nice game for a younger child or tween but for an adult, it's just not enough --- it doesn't hold ones interest, and big HOG player that I am, I deleted it after 8 minutes of what amounted to silly mini games.

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User review by KastaBlue


I really like this game. I am a manic HOG player and this game is both challenging and fun. The story is cute, the characters are funny and I liked the voices. The voices did not sound like they were being read off a script. I've played countless games where the English is not perfect and compared to some of those, this game ranks higher. I just got thru playing this game for a second time and loved it as much as the first time I played it. Oh and the music is fun too, it makes you want to dance. I think it would be a great game for both kids and adults, but not for very young children. I agree that a mere hour is not enough time to really get to know this game, although I have been known to give up on a game if I find I am not liking it within 10 minutes. This game is worth the money.

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User review by bibliophilia


I really wanted to like this game (I love penguins!), but gave up after 50 minutes of trial. I liked the diversity of the game, but was put off by the horrible voice-acting and the silly (dumb!) cut scenes and dialogue. Moving objects to find others is a neat idea, but the game just let you click everywhere to find out which objects can be moved (usually random). Also, there's no challenge at all: unlimited hints, no random-click-penalty, no timer, skippable mini-games ... I had some trouble spotting objects, even though I'm a HOG veteran, and also some objects aren't labelled correctly. Generally, this game has some serious issues with language; you can tell it was made by non-native English speakers! The graphics are cute, and it seems to be a rather long game, but I had no desire to finish!

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User review by tutor


I was very disappointed in the game. It looked so cute and interesting until I actually started playing it. There was no excitement or challenges. I would not purchase this game.

User review by danmar


I only played the demo and I pretty much agree with Gamezebo's review. (although a bright yellow insect is a *flea* not a *flee*) It looks charming but the finishing touches are missing; as if they had forgotten to play the final version before sending it out into the wild world of games. As for the typos, well, I doubt that games are responsible for that: hardly any site on the Internet has perfect spelling. Though this game may reinforce your child's already bad gramer. ;-)

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