We Called It: Kabam Announces Transformers Fighting Game

We don’t like to be the kind of people known for saying “We told you so,” but we also don’t mind doing it if we were telling you about something potentially awesome like Transformers: Forged to Fight.

Back in August, we picked up the scent of what looked like a Transformers fighting game on the way from Kabam. It made perfect sense, as the company has plenty of experience working with high-profile IPs, and has perhaps the best mobile fighting game out there in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Transformers: Forged to Fight

Lo and behold, sometimes those early bread crumbs lead to the real thing. Kabam has indeed announced Transformers: Forged to Fight, which is headed to soft launch soon with an eye on a spring 2017 worldwide release. It’s being described as an “action-fighting” game with RPG elements, which suggests something a lot like the way Contest of Champions characters can be leveled up and unlock new abilities as they advance. Kabam Vancouver, the studio behind the Marvel fighting game, will lead the way on this one as well.

The trailer shows off some attention-grabbing visuals and the use of both robot and vehicle forms in battle. That can be tricky for any Transformers game but appears to be a natural part of the gameplay in this case.

Even more exciting is the idea that bots from throughout the franchise’s rich history will be present, as the press release announcing the game suggested that the animated series, movies, comic books and toy lines would all contribute to the character roster thanks to close partnership with Hasbro.

“TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight embraces the best that the Transformers brand has to offer, allowing players to collect the most memorable Autobots and Decepticons from every era of the brand’s thirty-plus year history,” Hasbro Senior Vice President, Digital Gaming and Corporate Development Mark Blecher said in a press release. “We’re excited to work with Kabam to bring this unique mobile game to life, and think fans will be thrilled with the final product.”

So yeah, we told you so, and we’re not even a little ashamed about it. Now we just have to hope that the “select territories” mentioned for the beta period include Canada, so we can get our hands on it as quickly as possible.

You’re Welcome: Telltale to Unleash Guardians of the Galaxy in 2017

It wasn’t that long ago that mentioning Marvel’s spacefaring team, the Guardians of the Galxy, would elicit a “Who?” from all but the most dedicated comic book fans. Then the summer of 2014 came along, a not so little movie came out, and things done changed.

In fact they’ve changed so much that after it was revealed that Telltale Games and Marvel were working on something for 2017, it’s not even a surprise anymore that it’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – The Telltale Series. First unveiled to the world at The Game Awards, it’s a five-part series in the classic Telltale style “coming soon” to consoles, PC and mobile.

There was also a teaser trailer released, but the key word there is “teaser.” All it really shows is Star-Lord’s Walkman floating through space blaring King Harvest’s 1972 hit “Dancing in the Moonlight” as it passes by. Yes, it was once named one of the 100 Most Annoying Pop Songs by the BBC, but that makes it a perfect choice for any “Rad Mix.”

Everything else we know about the game comes from Telltale’s own blog post, though that still isn’t much. You’ll be able to play as multiple characters and “take the pilot’s seat,” so expect some space elements. Storytelling will be a big part of it, but that’s deeply embedded in the Telltale DNA by this point.

In any case, it’s easy to get excited about a partnership even without too many details. Keep tabs on its progress at the Guardians of the Galaxy – A Telltale Series official site and Facebook page, and as the movie poster once said, you’re welcome.

Santa’s Christmas Solitaire Review: Arctic Klondike

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa is gearing up to get all those presents ready for delivery. And what better way to start the season than with a cup of hot cocoa and a fireside game of solitaire? Ok, so, ignore the premise, you came to play cards, right? And cards is what we’ve got, complete with power-ups, in-game shops, hidden object scenes, and sleighs full of holiday cheer.

On the surface, Santa’s Christmas Solitaire is a simple card removing game of solitaire. A deck sits at the bottom of the screen with a single card turned face up. Above, cards are shuffled into piles with the topmost turned so we can see it. Simply find a card that’s one greater or one less than the card next to the deck, click to collect it and reveal the next available card in the pile, then repeat until the entire screen has been cleared. It’s so easy, even Santa’s reindeer can do it!


Throwing some snowballs into the mix are card-based obstacles like mistletoe and piles of snow. Cards can occasionally be locked in place by one of these mischievous items, preventing you from moving them off their piles. To clear them out, you’ll need to find a special card hidden in one of the other piles. Snow pile in your way? Find a shovel and start digging! The speed at which these items appear is directly related to the difficulty you select when you start the game. No matter how rare they are, though, just keep clearing cards and you’ll do just fine!

Santa’s Christmas Solitaire adds another unique feature to the realm of solitaire: an in-game store. Coins you earn during the game for making combos or picking special cards can be used to purchase any of two dozen items sitting in Santa’s storage room. Some of them are passive and offer bonuses like lower combo rates or increased luck, others are single use only and must be equipped to be used. The items are fairly expensive, so don’t expect to go breaking the game by using handfuls all at once. Think of them as a plate of cookies sitting on the mantle. A nice bonus, but not the main meal.


Santa’s Christmas Solitaire is a straightforward sort of title. Its reason for existence is stated right in the title: it’s solitaire, and it’s holiday themed. The game does both of these things quite well, keeping both the theme and the gameplay streamlined so you can settle in for some nice cards and cocoa without any hassle. The included shop, items, and occasional hidden object scene add a nice little touch to an already pleasant experience. Don’t expect the card game genre to get reinvented, but do expect a simple and satisfying holiday diversion.

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 4 Review: ‘Been Away a Long Time’

The penultimate episode of Batman – The Telltale Series is upon us. I’m incredibly curious to see how it all ends, but in the meantime, I think Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham sets everything up pretty well for that last push. Barring the usual problems that come with most Telltale’s mobile iterations, of course.

Although I suppose that’s not entirely fair of me to say. Yes, the usual animation jank and some of those shadow oddities are still present, and now the sound effects/dialog will randomly cut out every now and then, but a semi-recent update has noticeably improved the load times. You’ll still be staring at a black screen with a tiny bat symbol in the bottom corner from time to time, but you won’t be staring at it for nearly as long — thank goodness.


As for the episode itself, it’s a bit disappointing in parts, but pretty good overall. Bruce Wayne finds himself locked up in Arkham Asylum thanks to what went down at the end of the previous episode, creating a unique situation. I mean, how often does Bruce Wayne (not Batman) show his face is the infamous facility? It creates an intriguing start that’s full of possibilities: getting a patient’s perspective on Arkham, daring escape plans, questioning reality, and even having a few cameo appearances from as-yet-unseen but well-known series villains.

But then it’s over in twenty minutes, and barely anything happens.

I didn’t expect the entire episode to take place in Arkham, but I expected more than what we got. It’s the missed opportunity that bothers me more than anything. What happens instead is fine, and there are definitely some cool and interesting cameos (some probably a lot more recognizable than others), but it’s functionally just an exposition dump — something to tell players what’s happened since the events of the last episode via a few bits of dialog and a TV news clip. So much potential, wasted.


Once Bruce gets out — I’d joke about spoilers but come on, we all knew there’s no way he’d spend the rest of the game/his life in there — it’s back to business. Kind of. Remember how things have been getting steadily worse for our hero throughout every single episode? Well that trend continues. Now Gotham is essentially under martial law, with heavily armed and armored “enforcers” patrolling the streets as an overblown response to the threat posed by The Children of Arkham and their mind-altering drugs. Oh, and someone’s started to hack into Batman’s network, wreaking havoc with a lot of his high tech toys and generally making his job even tougher than it has to be.

Eventually, Batman has to make a desperate choice between stopping the hacker or defending Bruce Wayne’s home. And after that, it just sort of ends. I’m assuming the final showdown of the episode would differ depending on which path you take, but I can’t imagine one being significantly longer or more involved than the other (and I’m not replaying it to find out). It felt pretty abrupt to be honest. What’s there was good, certainly, but this episode feels so much shorter than the others. It could be my imagination, or my perception could have been thrown off because I’ve become invested in the story, but I can’t help wishing there was more.


When viewed as one piece of a much larger whole, Guardian of Gotham delivers. There are some good looking new locations to visit, some fun nods to Batman lore here and there, and yet another cliffhanger to make you want to come back one final time. As a standalone piece, it’s short, and there wasn’t nearly enough Arkham Asylum. I guess it’s a good thing you can’t simply drop in on the second to last episode, huh?

Archery King Review: Shallow Shots

Archery King is kind of fun, and kind of forgettable. Much like many of Miniclip’s other titles, it’s immensely easy to get into — but there’s not a lot of depth going on here. It’s the gaming equivalent of potato chips; satisfying for a brief time, but you’ll end up craving something more fulfilling soon enough.

The core of the game has you competing in one-on-one archery competitions. You throw a certain amount of virtual money into the tournament pot before competing with another player or bot to see who’s the best at firing a few arrows. You line up your shot by holding your finger to the screen and dragging the arrow around before releasing it, hopefully on a direct path to the bullseye. Much like in life, the arrow’s trajectory is dictated by the direction of the wind, so you’d be wise to tweak how you line things up. It certainly makes a noticeable difference in later tournaments, which is where some of the challenge comes into play. After you take each shot, the distance gets a little further away, making things slightly trickier.


The regular one-on-one tournaments are a little uneventful. You take it in turns to score highly, then move on. All too often you’ll end up playing against bots, which makes the experience rather soulless. Where things turn more appealing is via the Rush mode. Rush works in a similar way but deals with moving targets, leaving you to have to adjust your shot frequently. Crucially, you’re firing arrows at the same time as your opponent, meaning you have to work on being fast too. It’s far more entertaining than the traditional mode, even if you do come across bots again.

There are single player modes too, which take some time to unlock. It’s unfortunate you don’t unlock some of these sooner, as later ones are far more interesting. Firing targets at wooden animals or bottles is somewhat more appealing than simply using blank bullseyes. Throwing in some variety mixes things up, keeping you moderately entertained for a little while.

Did I mention how expensive it can all get, though? While Archery King mostly eschews an energy system (although, it is available for one game mode), there are a ton of options available for in-app purchases. You can buy new bows and a bevy of special arrows. You’ll run out of both though, with the bow gradually becoming damaged as you use it. There’s always something new to buy, and to get the most out of Archery King, you’re going to need to pay up or be very patient. Neither is ideal, generally leading you to lose interest sooner than later.

Archery King might try to lure you in with promises of new locations and fun secrets. Yes, they are in there somewhere, but its pacing is off. It’s too slow to throw in the interesting stuff, and once you get there, it frequently feels like too little too late. In the fast moving mobile marketplace, games need to hold your interest far more quickly than Archery King ever really does.

Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown Review – A Masterful Mix of Genres

A dark mage Eldor has taken over the kingdom, demanding immediate delivery of the Enchanted Crown. If he gets it, the realm is doomed. If he doesn’t, it sounds like it’s doomed, anyway. Good thing all of this takes place inside of a book at the library! As soon as you start reading the pages, however, you get sucked inside to live the tale as it’s told. Time to take this fairy tale a little more seriously, it seems.

Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown is a casual adventure game through a world of magic and mixed story genres. It’s filled with characters to interact with, items to find, puzzles to solve, and mini-games to work your way through. While you’re doing all of this, the book you’re living in is being rewritten, creating obstacles everywhere you turn. Think that forest meadow looks safe? Go ahead, take a step forward. See if that giant pencil in the sky comes down and draws something to eat you.


Most of The Enchanted Crown takes place in a series of closely connected rooms packed with handfuls of items. Move back and forth between these areas, filling your inventory and using those items to eventually open paths to new rooms. Hidden object scenes are surprisingly rare, but when they do show up, they’re an honest treat. Expect a few different varieties of scene styles, all of which feature copious amounts of interactions and on the fly item assembly. If hunting for items doesn’t do anything for you, you can always switch over and solve a puzzle game instead, no harm done!

The mini-games far outshine the hidden object puzzles in Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown. They appear more frequently and almost always bring a smile to your face when they show up. Many of these diversions come in the form of simple pattern-based puzzles you can figure out in a few moments. Swap a tile here, decipher a code there, pick up a caterpillar with tweezers somewhere else, that sort of thing. Occasionally you’ll run across crazy, complex mini-games that will leave you stumped for a minute. No matter how quickly you figure them out, there’s always this sense of playfulness that keeps you from getting frustrated. Oh, and a skip button, of course!


Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown mixes genres well. Most of the time you’ll feel like you’re in a classic fantasy story complete with talking animals and legendary artifacts. Then you’ll encounter a piece of clockwork machinery and suddenly feel an air of steampunk has descend. Then you’ll find a note scrawled in red ink promising that everyone will die, making you wonder when the horror genre crept in and how loudly you’ll scream when something jumps out at you. All of these elements coexist in complete harmony, lending a strong sense of variety to every scene and interaction.

The Enchanted Crown is a solid hidden object game from beginning to end. High production values dole out plenty of great visuals and sound, while the puzzle and mini-game construction leaves nothing to be desired. Once you get sucked into this particular book, you won’t want to leave.

7 New Mobile Games You Should Know About This Week

Hey there! We know it’s time for that mad dash to the holidays, but you need to relax just a bit. No use in getting yourself all worked up, especially at this time of year. Sure, there’s probably shopping to do, perhaps travel plans to arrange. Or maybe you have people coming to visit you. That’s still a few weeks away.

In the meantime, you might as well enjoy a few new mobile games. We’ll even help you decide which ones look like the most promising new additions to the app stores this week, because that’s just how we roll. It’s a lighter week, perhaps because the Games for (RED) push is happening this week, but we’re still happy to curate for you.

You can return to your pre-holiday freak out once you’re finished.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

apollo justice ace attorney

Move over, Phoenix Wright. You aren’t the only ace attorney in town. Apollo Justice does consider him a mentor, though, and in this fourth game in the Ace Attorney series (which curiously came to mobile after the fifth game), it’s up to Apollo to apply what he’s learned. Previous games in the series have made the transition to phones and tablets quite nicely, and we don’t expect this one to be any different. If you prefer your action to be of the courtroom variety, this is easily your pick this week.

Samorost 3


I’m always a big fan of when games have already come out on one mobile platform and are just spreading to another, because one of our writers can already vouch for them. In the case of Samorost 3, our own Rob Rich called it “weird and wonderful,” praising the game’s visuals, soundtrack and puzzles. These games have definitely come a long way since the series started, and there’s more to do in this one than ever before.

The Battle of Polytopia

battle for polytopia

What’s in a name? Hopefully nothing that will detract from this game as it appeared on iOS earlier this year, when it was called Super Tribes. This easy to learn, challenging to master strategy game has depth that goes beyond what you might expect from its simple visuals, and it makes every turn count by limiting how many rounds you have to defeat your opponents. Android gamers should enjoy finally being able to give this a try, no matter what it’s called.

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

soldiers inc

This is the first game ever where you can build a base, train troops and build units, team up with other people in alliances and then raid other players’ bases. I kid, of course, but Soldiers Inc. offers an interesting near future setting, a lot of cool-looking vehicles and very clean visuals. This genre isn’t really my jam, but it certainly is for many people, and if you’re one of them, adding this to your list of games to check out is probably all good.

Colt Express

colt express

While it sounds like it might just be a fully grown version of the Pony Express, this is actually a mobile translation of a well-known board game about robbing trains. Cool, right? Even better, you don’t need other people to play — though you certainly can play with them, since multiplayer is in full effect — thanks to a solo mode with 30 chapters and six different outlaws to explore. Plus you’ll find collectible skins and environments and other stuff you wouldn’t find in a physical game. Boss.

Swap Sword

swap sword

Swap Sword allows you to take out some of the frustration you have with match-3 games, or the ones I have, anyway. Instead of just moving symbols around the board, your character is right in there among them and can use his sword to slash them. You still need to make matches, but they’re used to power up spells to help defeat the many enemies on the playing field as well. It’s also a roguelike, so your decisions really have consequences. That’s a new twist on match-3 I can heartily endorse.

Z Buster

z buster

A Mega Man weapon got its own game? Or did the final stage of a giant anime robot get to take center stage? Neither, actually. Z Buster is a fun-looking blend of action and comedy where you are trying to fend off a zombie invasion. It’s just that these zombies are dumber and cuter than most of the undead. There’s a ton of weaponry to unlock and put to use as well, so you’re likely to figure out more ways to annihilate zombies than ever before. And that’s a useful thing.

Gamezebo: Big in Japan (and a Galaxy Far, Far Away)

It’s been a weird morning around the ol’ Gamezebo headquarters. There we were, talking about the great iPhone game exclusives offered as part (RED) this year, and revealing our mutual obsessions with the newly launched Instant Games in Facebook Messenger, when we received a surprising DM on Twitter.

The DM featured a photograph of an advertisement in a Tokyo train station — and it had our name on it!


Spotted by noted games analyst (and mobile games expert) Dr. Serkan Toto, the ad is part of a larger series of images advertising Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. According to Toto, the translation reads “This is the best Star Wars game on mobile in recent years!,” which we wrote in our 2015 review and continue to firmly stand by. In fact, both myself and Gamezebo co-conspirator Nick Tylwalk still play Galaxy of Heroes on a daily basis. Heck — I’m even on a weekly mobile games podcast where the words “Galaxy of Heroes” come out of my mouth in nearly every episode.

Dr. Toto snapped this photo in Tokyo’s Roppongi Station, but assures us that there are plenty like it all over the city.

If you haven’t played Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes yet, we highly encourage you to do so. There’s no overarching story to follow; no world to get invested in. Just straight collecting, upgrading, and fighting of heroes — and plenty of strategy when it comes to balancing your teams. The game has seen frequent updates in its first year, making sure you’ll always have something new to work towards. Recent additions include Rogue One content, and a whole new mode that lets you build a fleet of starships.

If you’re reading this and you happen to be in Tokyo, we’d love to see pictures of any Gamezebo ad you find (and the rest of the Galaxy of Heroes images that goes with it!) Feel free to snap a photo and tweet it to @gamezebo, and we’ll be sure to give it a retweet.

iPhone Games Go (RED), Fight AIDS

Other than its rampant overuse of capital letters and parentheses, it’s impossible to say anything but good things about (RED). For more than a decade, the initiative has been raising money to battle AIDS on a global scale, and its current goal is both inspiring and ambitious: to stamp out HIV and AIDS by 2030.

To that end, (RED) has even enlisted some of the most popular mobile games out there. Games for (RED), which is going on now through December 6, has 20 titles contributing with special in-game items and packs that are donating 100 percent of their proceeds to a Global Fund that is currently focused on taking on the diseases in an especially hard hit region, sub-Saharan Africa.

Are we going to tell you about all 20 games? Heck no. That would take a while, and the Gamezebo research intern is already on holiday break. But we can fill you in on a few that have caught our eye.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions (RED)

Marvel Contest of Champions (RED)

Kabam’s superhero fighting game is offering the (POWER PACK)RED, which unfortunately does not feature the Marvel team Power Pack. What it does give you is:

  • 3-Star Daredevil (Classic)
  • 3-Star Elektra
  • 2x Tier 5 Skill ISO-8

That last item unlocks a special quest that guarantees a 3-Star (CRYSTAL RED) for Elektra, Daredevil (Classic), Iron Man, Red Hulk, Hulkbuster or Guillotine. Also, I just realized that both Daredevil and Elektra wear red costumes. Well played, Kabam. Well played.

YAHTZEE With Buddies

YAHTZEE With Buddies (RED)

Right at home with extra capital letters, YAHTZEE With Buddies is doing its part with multiple ways to support (RED). The most notable one is the (PACK)RED Bonus Roll package to support the Global Fund, but you’ll also find the following in-game content if you roll your way back into the game right now:

  • Participate in the (COMMUNITY)RED event to play alongside friends and family
  • Win exclusive prizes such as the (HEARTFELT)RED Custom Dice
  • Play in the (HERO TOWER)RED Dice Master Showdown and face off against (RED) Dice Masters like the masked superhero INC(RED)IBLE and DOCTO(RED)
  • Players who purchase the Bonus Roll package will also get an exclusive Vanity Frame, which puts their Yahtzee with Buddies avatar in the middle of (RED)’s iconic parentheses

EA’s FIFA Mobile, SimCity BuildIt and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (RED)

How about three games in one write-up from Electronic Arts? As with the other games on this list, this trio is offering 100 percent of the revenue from special in-game purchases and events. But you were looking for specifics, right? Gotcha.

FIFA Mobile

The (ASSIST PACK)RED offers four Gold or better players and two Silver or better players. Plus you can send those new players onto the pitch in the spiffy (EA SPORTS)RED kit and show off your support with the (PROFILE LOGO)RED. Even the game’s icon has gotten into the spirit, which you’ll notice right away next time you swipe through your apps.

SimCity BuildIt

How about some new limited edition buildings for your city? Those include the (HANGAR)RED, (BALLOON PARK)RED and (HELIPORT)RED. No idea if they are, in fact, red, but we have our suspicions. Also, you can purchase the new (SIMCASH)RED Pack, earn the right to vote on the new bridge type and take part in a new quest to earn a one-of-a-kind Park.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Last but certainly not least, PvZ Heroes has the (SUPER BUNDLE)RED for sale, granting exclusive access to Red Stinger and giving you super-rare teammates All-Star Zombie and Briar Rose and rare teammates Cherry Bomb and Deep Sea Gargantuar. If you enjoy playing as Rose, you’ll find new Games for (RED) missions and quests that can earn you special rewards.

Apple does have many other ways it is supporting (RED) this year, but we think you’ll agree that doing it through mobile games you are already playing is likely to be the most natural. Hit the App Store or log into your favorites now and see how you can take part.

Archery King Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Archery King is an arcade / sports mash-up from Miniclip that has you competing in a series of archery tournaments, attempting to earn plenty of money, to buy better gear so that you can compete in even harder challenges.

There’s a lot of skill involved in Archery King, as well as buying the right gear, so you’re going to need some guidance. Gamezebo’s Archery King Tips, Cheats and Strategies are here to provide precisely that, guiding you through the paces so you’ll win every competition going.

Know your shots

Archery King Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • When you’re playing the Classic/regular multiplayer mode, take your time with your shots. Don’t rush it. Yes, you’re on a timer, but it’s a pretty generous timer. Take it easy and get the shot just right.
  • If you’re playing Rush mode though, well, rush. Time is everything here, so keep an eye on what mode you’re playing and adjust accordingly.
  • When aiming, use small swipes and gradual tweaks to line up your shot. Archery King is pretty sensitive so you don’t want to overdo it.
  • Remember to take the wind into consideration. For every point of speed, add one ring to compensate. Wind is at 1? Aim just past the 9 ring to hopefully still hit the bullseye. It’s not perfect but it’s a good rule of thumb.

The importance of equipment

Archery King Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • As soon as you can, buy a new bow. Better bows are more powerful. They reduce the effectiveness of the wind and distances. Don’t go nuts with upgrading too often, as things can get very expensive, but keep it in mind.
  • Bow sights are also important. They determine how far you automatically zoom in while aiming. Obviously, being able to see clearly makes a big difference here, as lining up a shot doesn’t require perfect eyesight like it might otherwise.
  • The vaguely titled Gear has a vague bonus – a ‘cheer up’ bonus. Don’t worry about it. It costs an insane amount to buy into and almost certainly isn’t worth saving all your gold for.
  • Equipment has durability which means every time you use a bow, it goes one step nearer to needing repairing. You can enable auto repair to keep on top of it, but either way, remember it requires gold to do so.
  • Arrows are expendable but it’s worth investing a little into them, as they affect wind resistance, but you want to prioritize the bow.

Don’t forget single player

  • Single player is the perfect place to hone your skills. It’s risk free and sort of fun once you get past the tedious early stages.
  • You can use it to master just how to pull off the perfect shot, no matter how bad the wind is.
  • Consider it your practice mode, as Archery King doesn’t provide a separate practice mode.

Play Time Race

Archery King Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Time Race takes a little while to unlock, but it’s valuable.
  • As the name suggests, it’s a time trial mode. Even when you’re taking a break, the clock is ticking, so be fast!
  • Don’t worry too much about wind calculations. Stick with your instincts and work on speed.
  • Do focus on the target shots though, as you simply need to earn a certain number of points within a particular number of arrows.
  • The best part about Time Race? It’s the only way you can earn cash – the game’s premium currency that makes a huge difference to your progress.