Good Morning All & Welcome to Breakfast, OCt. 14, 2008 (3:15am)

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Yes, you are right, Scooter. But in this case I will have to try and float away because of all the rain! Going to get my rubber raft out of the garage right now. Darn, where did I put the pump! Oh, I better hurry before she gets back!

Cool, thanks Voy, I'm going to hide now for awhile and maybe she will forget. LLC Be back later. Shhhhhh

Sandy - Yeah it's good im close and that she has dad also which is a big support! It will be fine in the end,positive thinking! Enjoy your supper!

Scooter - Thank you hon! Yeah i know takes a while to get used to it! Dont think i looked in the mirror as much as i have done since i came home! LOL,will get better ones i dont "see" the colour when i look in mirror again! :)

Margie - erm,oh *sweating* no i havent! I told u to stay of those purple pills hon! Pirate,plane and apple buttuh lady? Think u need some sleep luv! :)

You're welcome, any time. Okay, Scooter, but be careful when you get back. She could be lurking anywhere! C'ya later. LLC Shhhhhhhh

***Bigger note to self....Deliight has joined the growing list of accomplices...I better get that U-haul truck to help me deliver all these tickets***

**Hmmm, that's strange...just found a pile of rainbow tickets leading to Voyager's house!!! AHA!! I KNEW IT!!***

Howdy Dee, so you haven't seen a pirate, a plane, or the apple buttuh lady either, huh? Yeah, I think that the Purple Peeper is getting just a wee bit delusional without enough sleep. Maybe she really needs to take those 'purple pills' after all. LOL

Margie, is it? Voyager's house you say? I think that I just saw her floating down the road in a rubber raft. Who am I, you ask? Well, she has a twin! That's right. And that would be me. I'll swear that she's not around here right now. Just asked her Sis, Dee. She will tell you.

Good afternoon, cyber-buddies! ROFLMBO @ The Escape from the Purple Peeper. I see a movie version: Starring Scooter as the Intrepid Heroine, Pirate as the Partner in Crime, featuring special appearances by Voyager, Dee, and Grammy as The Accomplices. And Introducing Margie B. as "The Purple Peeper." Looks great in that new-fangled Technicolor.

Purple Pills huh. I see that we have a comedian on GZ....I'll give our little comedian a thing or 1,200 rainbow things to laugh about..