Good Morning All & Welcome to Breakfast, OCt. 14, 2008 (3:15am)

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Voyager, I think we better get off this so called raft. Grab ahold of Scooters wheel. Up we go. eeeeekkkkkkk

That's not you and Voy on the raft? Then who is it. Oh no, maybe the fun police. LLC

Margie--Troye would *never* do anything like that...LOL

The story is all over the place. I read about it in the National Enquirer, and it was on Entertainment Tonight. I think you should sue.

Pirate and Voy, I'm swooping down to get you. Grab a wheel when I fly by.

**So now Micky is involved too...I have something extra special for Micky...the nerve of her to harbor all these accomplices in her basement... I knew that GZ mom cover she was giving me was a bunch of smoke and mirrors.... They can't hide anyway because I lurk in Micky's tree...I see it all...I just need a little time to sort out this mountain of tickets...**

That is us, come down here and get us. Hurry. The raft is falling apart.

With all this floating around on the raft, and Margie mentioning a leak, I better sneak upstairs to your bathroom, Micky. LLC

Crime, eluding arrest, harboring fugitives,drug abuse: Tune in for the 5 o'clock News for the latest on "Peepergate."

Okay Scooter, none too soon, whew, that was a close one. Hang on SandyG. we're home free now, yea. Thanks!!!

Ok Voyager but you had better hurry because I saw Margie lurking in my tree again and you know that purple eye sees everything, I thought I have heard my dogs do some extra barking the last time I let them out...