Good Morning All & Welcome to Breakfast, OCt. 14, 2008 (3:15am)

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Rose-I was born and raised in Texas, the desert Southwest. We have a wide variety of birds, reptiles, large & small mammals. Such as: antelope, mule deer, fox, even an occasional cougar. The Golden Eagle, a variety of hawks, the falcon, and come night, a variety of bats and owls. Then we can get into the not so nice reptiles and creepy crawlers.

It sounds like we share a lot of the same critters, aside from the antelope and scorpions. The last time I was in Texas I was about 8 or 9 years old. We did Six Flags in Houston (I think), and drove through much of the state, stopping here and there. I remember we did Houston and Dallas that trip. I've been to Austin, but can't remember if it was that or another trip. After my dad left when I was almost 10, we didn't travel. But with my dad, we criss-crossed the country about a million times. Not very stable, but I saw a lot of cool stuff. I've been to all 48 contiguous states.

You naughty girls are just too much. I laughed so hard, I was crying and could barely read the posts and then I had to go change my clothes, they were a little wet!!ROFLMBO. You all better watch out tommorrow, Purple peeper is planning her revenge. She mentioned something about a purple bush over a huge pit. I'd watch out if I were you all, she is ready for action.LLC. I'll contact Clint Eastwood and see if he will direct the movie. I believe Roseanne is playing the part of Purple peeper. Should be a good one.LOL. Later. B-58

B58--Thanks for the tip about the pit. ROFL @ Roseanne playing the Purple Peeper. Can you imagine Roseanne screeching, "Tickets for all of ya!"

Hello everyone. Looks like everyone was busy talking today, 26 pages. I don't have time to read all the posts just hope everyone is well and has a good night.

I am sending the dogs out right now Margie, have they got you cornered in the tree yet??????

BTW I think will stay up north where we do not have all of those snakes and poisonous (sp) spiders (hate spiders but at least the ones we have don't kill you) and nasty bugs and critters running around,the only critter I want to see running is a dog or cat (pet kind)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning all, I hope u're fine all, I have studies early and I haven't gone to sleep yet lol, I think I'll go now, C ya