Make your own hidden object game

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Make your own hidden object game

I hope I'm allowed to say this, but there's a site where you can make your own hidden object game.
If you want to make an hog player happy, you can make a personal game for him/her. Upload a picture and add some relevant objects. That's all!

Thanks Sanne. This is a really good site. Hicham has created some HOG on there that are really good. Have you created any yet?

Sanne, I just worked your "Double" HOG and word puzzle. The message is very clever.

Thank you for posting this site. I browsed it and will definitely be creating some HO games when I have time.

I looked at that and the items are so big for the pic that you can upload that there is no way that you could hide an object. It would be fun if the objects that they have were smaller and you could hide them so that you at least had to look for them but they are huge, I tried it just for the heck of it with almost the first pic that came up when I pushed on browser and it was a pic of my dog laying on my bed and a portion of my bedroom and then went to the objects that they offer and you cannot hide them in a picture that is that small on the screen that they use....

You can resize and shrink the items that you are given to hide. When you click on the picture 4 silver balls will be in each corner and you can drag one of those in towards the center to make it smaller. You can also rotate the items with those silver balls. You can also fade and reduce the color in the item with the two sliding controls at the bottom of each item you are given. After you make your HOG, you can preview it. Then you submit it for approval. I don't know how long it takes before it is approved and made public. I made one tonight and it was really fun!

If you want to send someone an hog greeting card:
I haven't tested it, but it looks fun.

Thanks Lissie somehow I missed, I tried to make them smaller with one of the things on bottom of pic but didn't do anything, so I didn't think that you could make them smaller. I would love to get a spooky pic somewhere and make a HOG with that, I just tried it with a pic of my living room and that was fun but I would like to have some creepy pics or something to do something different, that would be fun....

Thanks,sanne, viewed the site and enjoyed it a lot. hicham did a really good game. tell ya, it's good to have that site when the ho games are so long in coming out. thanks again. Jean

Jean, Sanne created a really good HOG that has letters under the hidden objects. So as you find the hidden objects you see the letters. When you find all the objects you have all the letters and then you have to figure out what message the letters spell. The game is named "Double" (I think). Very creative!

This is a great idea!! But how do you play these games that people made,or can you ?? I tried and nothing loads. Please help !!