Hidden Mysteries Titanic

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Hidden Mysteries Titanic

Hi everybody I bought this game and I am stuck in Chapter 15 I can't get the levers to move and it won't allow me to skip the mini game. Has anyone played this game and when will a walkthrough be availabe?   HAGD

Sorry, Maria, I haven't tried it.  I have Titanic:Mysteries of the Deep, on order, but haven't rec'd it yet.

Hopefully someone, who has played it, will drop by.

Hi Maria, Big Fish has a walkthrough that may help you.

Hi all. I have these games also and would like a walkthrough. Haven't been able to find one yet. Checked Big Fish. No luck. Checked google. No luck.

Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ  tell me how to get past the part where u just put the egg in the nest, been stuck on it 4 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I need help!!  LOL  Robert wants a "Bermuda Highball"!!  I can't figure out how to mix it!!  Can anybody help me??

Hi LindaB. I see you have started this game. I had to give up for awhile. Sure wish we could find a walkthrough. I'll see if I can find Bermuda Highball and see if I got thru that part.

Thanks, Mrs.Pupkin.  I think I have tried all of the combinations, on the recipie card, on the drink cart!!  LOL  He doesn't like any of them!!!  Can't seem to find any limes!!!  LOl

EDIT:  I finally fixed that souse his drink!!  LOL  I found a sack of limes, under the stairs on the part of the deck, where you fixed the crane!!  You have to cut the sack open with the knife, or whatever the sharp object that I was carrying around for awhile, was!!  LOl  The other ingredients, for Bermuda Highball, are gin, brandy & vermouth, with the limes!!  LOL

I wish there was a walkthrough, though, because I did end up skipping a few of the puzzles, because I just couldn't figure out how they worked (ie: cube with hieroglyphics in cargo hold!!)

Good game, though.

Thanks, LindaB. How did you figure it out? Trial and error (I could do that all day). And then I'm ready to throw the disc in the trash and tell Robert where to go also. LOL  I like the game but I've had to skip some puzzles too. Just too hard for my aged brain.

Hidden Mysteries White House seems a lot easier and more like games that I'm used to. Have fun with that one!!

Mrs.Pupkin, I just went back to all the scenes I could get to and discovered a sparkling area under the steps.  Found the sack and opened it with the letter opener I had found near the elevator!!  LOL  There were the limes!!!  LOl  Found the recipie for Bermuda Highball, by googling and VOILA!!  LOL

HM the White House was pretty good, too.  I just finished it!!!  

you must add the bird from the other side of the room also to the branch next to the egg. You first need the piece of bamboo to get the bird