The Dragon Dance a new HOG game

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The Dragon Dance a new HOG game

This is a new game out on BFG as their TGT. In one word its frustrating. Good graphics are bright and clear . Movement arrows show up on a whim like most stuff in this game. Its hint system is oks but not great. BFG has a walk through for the game but I had to use it every few minutes since I didn't have a clue what to do next. At one point it told me (the walkthrough) to go back into edward's room for a HOG scene but it never showed. This game is too picky on where you put stuff and how to find the stuff you need. This is another dragon game I'm not getting. 

"No Sale" for me either, tarbarme.  Too many grammar and spelling errors, an annoying bird? dragon? pterodactyl? incessantly flapping its wings in the lower-right screen, movement arrows that appear willy-nilly (but sometimes, you can't go there yet), placing books (on a big table-top) at just the right pixel or they bounce back into inventory--kind of maddening!  And a sluggish-at-best cursor (game or system).  A 100+ page W/T for a 200 MB game?  There might be a lot of "filler" here.

There is another, I think better game, out on IWin. I posted a thread for it.

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Thx, Tarbarme and Elldee. I will skip this one - and saved me the time it would take to download and try this out Smile

You're welcome, Mif--I think this could be just BFG "bait" for the last day of the month.

I hated the game after 10 minutes. If I need a walkthrough to get 3 books on a table because it looks as I would do wrong - no !!!