Beware! aka: The full list of all HdO Adventure games.

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Beware! aka: The full list of all HdO Adventure games.

I've started to notice that the newer HdO Adventure games are being released "under the radar." That is, no mention of "HdO Adventure" is associated with the marketing of their games (Golly gee! I wonder why? Is it because the mere mention of "HdO Adventure" sends us mere mortals screaming, in horror, from the room? LOL) get to wait until you see it on a splash screen and/or the Main Menu.


So, here it is. The full list (alphabetical) of all 16 HdO Adventure games, released to date (unless 1 or 2 slipped by me, and I never knew about them).


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo
A Girl in the City
A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp: 1001 Nights
Alice in Wonderland: The Incredible Adventure
Around the World in 80 Days: The Challenge
Blake and Mortimer: Curse of the 30 Denarii
Bonnie and Clyde: Public Enemies
FBI: Paranormal Cases
Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride
Hollywood: The Director's Cut
Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell
Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer
Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance
The Time Machine: Trapped in Time
Treasure Island: The Golden Bug


So, in case you see any of these titles, and, like me, would rather drink castor oil than play one, you've got an un-shopping list to remind you. ROTFL


And why, you ask, did I bother posting this list...aside from the VERY obvious reasons? I was bored and couldn't find anyone worthy enough to terrorize...Well, I DID post something VERY uncomplimentary on Toyota's Facebook wall (had to "Like" 'em, to do it, too. Grrr!), regarding this:


Denver Man's Fight With Toyota Over Murdered Mom's Car Goes Viral


N.B. The "Beware!" title is just me having my twisted brand of fun. ROTFL

Hey thanks for the "heads up" about the HdO games! I must admit as long & as many of these games I've played I don't think I know exactly who or what HdO is... Would you mind filling me in so I can know specifically who/what I should look for?


Btw Sorry to hear of your loss & subsequent mistreatment by Toyota. It's inspiring however, to see someone like yourself who won't be railroaded in such a situation! I noticed this looked as it happened last July yes? How are you & your sister faring now? (if this question is too personal & you would prefer not to respond I understand."  Or if you do want to respond in a more personal way my email is "" ) Hope that doesn't sound too weird... Wink

All the best!