Delicious Emily's Wonder Wedding Location of All the mice

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Delicious Emily's Wonder Wedding Location of All the mice

Epsisode 1

Day 1 Behind the orange flower pot

Day 2 Underneath the tray


Episode 2

Day 1 In the tree on the left hand side

Day 2 The right side of the building 


Episode 3

Day 1 In the street by the drain

Day 2 Behind red flower pot


Episode 4

Day 1 In the left window

Day 2 In Bucket by register


Episode 5

Day 1 Behind the salad bowl

Day 2 Behind the trunk lid on Taxi


Episode 6 

Day 1 Under the window

Day 2 Behind the key holder shelf


Episode 7 

Day 1 Upstairs by window

Day 2 By the Egg


Episode 8


Day 1 At the end of the hay table by wall

Day 2  By Flannery (table cleaner) 


Episode 9


Day 1 In the 1st loop of streamer on celing

Day 2 Behind the bell on the counter


Episode 10 

Day 1 Under the brown and white drink

Day 2 On the door frame


Episode 11


Day 1 in Front of the bushes

Day 2 In house window


Episode 12

Day 1 By the tree next to the table

Day 2 On top of the rock wall


Episode 13

Day 1 Behind the barrell

Day 2 By the four leaf clovers


Episode 14


Day 1 Comes out of the side of the rock wall

Day 2 Behind the berry bush


Episode 15 

Day 1 Behind the apple tree

Day 2 Behind the milk glass


Episode 16


Day 1 By the cookie you dip in chocolate

Day 2 By the green vegetables


Episode 17

Day 1 By the chandalier

Day 2 Under the red rope


Episode 18

Day 1 Behind the curtain by the swan

Day 2 Coming out of the left hand side of wall


Episode 19

Day 1 Other side of the Chandalier

Day 2 Behind the champaign bottles


Episode 20

Day 1 Next to the cooking pot

Day 2 Behind the glass swan


Episode 21


Day 1 By the stairs

Day 2 Behind flower wall on left hand side


Episode 22


Day 1 By the cake stand

Day 2 In between the music players


Episode 23


Day 1 On the ground by cash register

Day 2 Above female music player


Episode 24


Day 1 In the grass behind the grill

Day 2 By the balloon tank


Episode 25

Day 1 On the ground in front of cake


any tips on #2 of day #25


any tips on #2 of day #25


Episode 25

Day 1 On the ground in front of cake

Day 2 On the right side of the cashier


Episode 26

Day 1 Behind the bike

Day 2 Inside the restaurante. behind the window


Episode 27

Day 1 Behind the Potted Plant

Day 2 Right of the Cleaner, Bottom Left


Episode 28

Day 1 Above the cash register

Day 2 On the right tree


Episode 29

Day 1 Above Jimmy

Day 2 Next to Pineapple Slices


Episode 30

Day 1 Behind the Right Window

Day 2 Bottom Right of the Grill

Episode 20, Day 1: above the chocolate fountain.

Episode 21, Day 2:  behind roses on the right side