TM games that we want!!!

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TM games that we want!!!

I will be happy to get:

-Hotel Dash 2,

-Posh Boutique 3,

-Burger Island 3...

ant etc...

Tell us what's on your mind?

Rachel's Retreat 2

Ranch Rush 3

Lucy's Expedition 2

Hotdog Hotshot 2


I particularly agree with Lucy's Expedition 2 - such an underrated and wonderful game.

Thank you I have never heard of Lucy's Expedition 2.   I would like to see a Burger Bustle 2, if they add some different things to it.  Burger Shop 3.   My Kingdom for the Princess 3 hoping all the problems with the second one will be changed.   Oh and most of all another Emily's Delicious! 

Thanks guys!!!I agree with you Diskette,I mine I like the idea of Ranch Rush 3(second was really Great and I'm sure that they will make third about next year)And also Chevyqueen Delicious 6 will appear next year for sure,on this link we are talking about it:

And also I forgot to tell,I will Love to see:

-Jessica's Cupcake cafe 2

-Supermarket Management 2

-Supermarket Mania 2

I want:

- Delicious 6, of course.

- Heart's Medicine - Season 1

- My Kingdom for the Princess 3

- Burger Shop 3

- Burger Island 3

- Nanny Mania 3

- Cooking Academy 3

And a lot more..

Yeah great idea,I mine - Nanny Mania 3!


Heart's Medicine -Season 1

Delicious 6

Ashton's family resort 2

Hotel Dash 2

Burger shop 3

Cooking Academy 3

Creat A Mall 2

Fashion boutique 2

FAshion Craze 2

First Class Flurry 2

Fitness Dash 2

Jane's Zoo 2

Jane's Hotel 2

Mall-a-Palooza 2

Megaplex  Madness 3

Paradise Pet salon 2

Party Down 2

Pet show Craze 2

Shop n spree 2

Supermarket mania 2


I want the following : -


1. Diner Dash 8 (Yes it is the 8th version after the 5th version)

2. Wedding Dash 5

3. Fitness Dash 2

4. Hotel Dash 2

5. Farm Craft 3

6. Farm Mania 3

7. Soap Opera 1 Coming Soon


Wow there are so many to name that I would love to see.


Hotel Dash 2 

Farm Craft 3

Farm Mania 3 

Love all the Diner Dash games :)

mall a palooza 2 and Megaplex Madness 3

Oh and what about Shopmania that would be an awesome one to do again :)


Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

People thanks for so many ideas!

And Farm Mania 3 and Jane's Hotel 3 are cooming soon on RealoreGames....You can see video for Farm Mania 3 on Youtube!

And WeddingDash5 will appear next year for sure!I LOVE WDgames!

And HotelDash2 BETA is suppost to come any minute!Smile

And Delicious 6 will come next...Just like Soap Opeare who will appear on December this year!

And to be back...I think this are the best ideas you gave:

-Ashton's Family Resort 2

-Fitness Dash 2

and -First Cluss of Flurry 2!