Solitaire Kingdom Supreme (Gamezebo Beta)

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Solitaire Kingdom Supreme (Gamezebo Beta)

Hmm.. I was starting to miss the Gamezebo beta's, but here they are again. Look in your mail to find it, or sign up at the bottom of this page.



Tired of losing at Solitaire? Well help has arrived!

Solitaire Kingdom is a fresh and fun version of your favorite Solitaire game from Funkitron. Play the Solitaire you know and love, but now you get to win new special cards that will give you fantastic new powers. Add these cards to your deck and become the Solitaire master you know you are. Features include: Quick play which lets you play fast with just one click per card, a "Coat of Arms" Award system that rewards you for big plays, and infinite Daily Challenges that keeps the fun going, and going, and going.

Welcome to Solitaire Kingdom. Now you get to win!



I have to admit this was one of the most boring Solitaire game I ever played.

I rather enjoyed its simplicity and the size of the cards along with the brightness of the coloring.

I liked it as well. I was actually able to win a few hands!!!

This was Klondike based, too bad. I like high/low based better, like Faerie Solitare.

I got this, but hadn't gotten around to d/l it. It's a Klondike game? That's it? It's been 15 years, give or take, since I bothered.


My rotating "Patience" games? Accordion, Pyramid, Golf, Monte Carlo, Spider and Canfield. I don't care how "pretty" it is, I am SO over Klondike. Sorry, devs. Although, those who DO like Klondike may like this one. I can't comment on the quality since I haven't played it. It's just not something I'd bother with.


Been there, done that, gave all the T-shirts to Goodwill.

I beta'd this game - my first beta hereSmile  I thought is was better than plain Klondike and reminded me so much of Slingo. I played for about 30 minutes and got a few trophies. I don't think I would buy it - as I seldom get the urge to play card games anymore.

sorta/kinda liked this i mixed reviews. it was a little better then most solitare, but i do believe it could have been a tad better. did like the lrg. cards/colors,i enjoy playing spider solitare. ty

i also beta tested this game and it is definitely missing something, it needed more game play than just klondike.  i agree that if it would have been like faerie solitaire, fairway golf solitaire or tripeaks it would have been something i would have bought.

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I have only ever played 'ordinary' solitaire and spider.  I liked this one and it's visually attractive but I wouldn't buy it at that price. 

I haven't heard of the others mentioned above but then I only ever play solitaire when I want to while away a few mindless minutes when I'm thinking about something else. 

The two things that bothered me about this game were that it was only Klondike and the soundtrack during game play was so horrible. I think that they would have a problem with including more solitaire types though, since the power-ups would have to be created/balanced for each Solitaire type. I did advise them to commit to add-on packs that would feature other games of solitaire.