Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water (Playfirst Firstpeek)

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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water (Playfirst Firstpeek)

You can beta-test this game, when you're a member of the Playfirst Firstpeek group. This game is the fifth part in the Dream Chronicles series.



The epic adventure continues in the next installment of PlayFirst's Dream Chronicles saga. Lyra has found her way home... only to discover that the fairy queen of Dreams has cast a menacing storm over all of Wish. The town is completely desolate; her mother is missing; and her father is gravely ill. Embark on a quest to help Lyra counter the evil spell, solve challenging puzzles, and seek answers to save her hometown in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water.

  • Continue the saga right where it left off in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air
  • Overcome the power struggle between Lyra's family and the evil fairy queen of Dreams
  • Explore over 20 exquisite scenes
  • Activate 5 magical powers to aide in solving puzzles
  • Use your Dream Jewels for helpful hints during difficult times

    Happy gaming!

    Hi Ralph, thanks for the information.

    Thanks Ralph


     Everyone must be downloading this game, it felt like I was back on dial-up, rofl


    The servers must be on overload!

    I finished the beta and...

    ...it has voiceovers (only heard one, but I believe there are more, farther into the game), as Book of Air did, and it has the "remove em" minigame for the fuel, if that Pile of Stones I saw is anything to go by. I missed a final Dream Piece for what I needed (particular Jewel) to get further, went looking for it and then my 60 minutes was up. I could be wrong about this (the "remove em" minigame), so others who gotten further in the game will have to report on whether this is included, or not.

    No Challenge mode in the beta and "some" initial tutorial popups. The tutorial popups stop after a very short while. Maybe they'll add an option to disable these in the full game, along with adding a Challenge mode, as they did in Book of Air.

    No telling what the game content is going to be. Many have said Book of Air was too short a game for a CE; hopefully that's not the case with Book of Water, if it is released as a CE.

    There were no bugs, the puzzles I encountered were mostly good (Skip button takes about 2 minutes to charge, by the way. Not positive on the length because I didn't time it) and I took the time to solve them all. That's probably why I didn't get further than I did, in the beta. The survey asked about things I know were much farther in. I think there were about 6 minigames/puzzles in the 60 minutes I played and they were all done fairly well. Most didn't feel like "fillers" (time wasters) and had enough of a challenge for a logic-puzzle lover, like me, to be happy.

    The graphics were absolutely outstanding, as you would expect, and so were the music and sound effects. The storyline is also good and continues from where Book of Air left off.

    There's no hand holding, unless you want it (look in the Journal for your next steps, if you're unsure), which is a big plus.

    Overall, it looks good as a Standard Edition game, but there's no way of knowing how much content there is. If they decide to release it as a CE, I hope it has the content to support the higher price. The Playfirst beta didn't show any "Extras" button, so we'll all have to wait and see.


    Don't forget to fill out your survey so they have plenty of input.

    i like dream chronicles 5!

    well b4 book of air, i would buy a dream chronicles game asap, sight unseen, but because i found it way to short and the bonus game a pure letdown, i will wait until others have bought and played till i decide if i buy.......it was the 1st ce i felt as if i had been robbed.  hopefully the devs have put a little more thought and time into this new one

    I Agree Book Of Air Was Well Too Short For A Collector's Edition So I Hope Dream Chronicles Book Of Water Is Much Better Than Book Of Air If They Bring A Collector's Edition Out Or Not.


    By The Way When Is Dream Chronicles Book Of Water Full Version Released And What Is The Release Date For The Game Aswell.


    Other Than That Enjoyed Playing Beta 2 Version Of Book Of Water Very Well Set Up Aspecially With Some Levels From The Chosen Child Like Herbalist's House Where You Put The Pumpkin Into Door They Only Put A Lock On Door As Extra Do Lock First Then Put Pumpkin Into Door To Open It Oh And The Room Where The Cooking Pot Is And The Book With Spells In And The House Where You Had To Put The Teddy Bear At Bottom Of Stairs At End Of The Chosen Child.


    I Wonder If They Will Put Eneymore Scenes From Other Dream Chronicles Into It To Make A Game Well Cooler.

    why cant i find this on the site to try and down load ?thanks for any help

    its not out yet mary,  but you can read about it at the devs    www.playfirst.com/forums/forum/102

    they say that book of air and book of fire are going to be released back to back.....and its supposed to be this month

    there saying they did the Beta how do you do that ,i am a member at the site but cant seem to find the beta of this game that they all down loaded and played

    Hi maryerbe,

    The beta of this game has stopped a while ago, I think they will release the game soon. But if you want to beta test for the games that Playfirst makes, you will have to sign up for their Firstpeek programme. You will get a beta once per month, or once per two months. I hope this helped you out.