Ancient Secrets - Colombus' Legacy (Beta Testing)

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Ancient Secrets - Colombus' Legacy (Beta Testing)

Hi everyone,


With regards to some comments being made that the beta was not downloadable on the GZ beta testing e-mail...I just want to say that I have successfully downloaded the game. :) You need to be very patient while waiting for the page/download pop-up to load. I waited about 10 minutes for the download to start, and once the download started successuly, the beta version of the game downloaded fairly quickly (200kbps on a 2.0mbps broadband connection).


I hope this helps!


I will leave the page up a bit longer.  I have been trying all morning and waited about 5 minutes with nothing happening.  Thanks for the heads up and I hope it will work for me.



I agree frankie.


The webside is loading and loading and loading.......


Does anybody know why?

ok I have some time leftSealed

I tried again and this time got an HTTP error that windows could not display the web page, reason was listed as Forbidden.


Oh well, will wait and see if things change later.  Was looking forward to this game.



Jyannis, thanks for the suggestion.  I decided to try one more time and still no luck.  The green bar still only advances about one third and I waited another ten minutes and it didn't advance any further.  It should not take that long to get to the download page.  I PM'd Joel about it and I am sure he will find the problem.

Frankie if its written as forbidden then you go to the page where its written and in the address bar add a question mark after all what is written ther and the page will open..!!


I hope providing this info is not forbidden in which case I'll edit the post..!!

HI everyone,  there was another forum started about problems with the download.  I have locked that forum but here is the link to it as it is about the problems with the download link.

Hi frolic,

I didn't get the page that said forbidden.  I got a page that said it could not open the web page and I ran a diagnostic on it.  That came back and told me the page was listed as forbidden.  Hopefully Joel will have an answer.  Thanks :)

I got game to download took a few tries at first , but I kep trying then I  put download folder on desk top. It's a nice game.

The page that the link tries to go to is:


Edit: removed link as it probably should not be made public...sorry


Still no luck getting it to open...