Zylom Alpha: Campfire Legends (New hidden object game)

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Zylom Alpha: Campfire Legends (New hidden object game)

Campfire Legends

In Campfire Legends a group of friends gathering around a campfire start telling each other scary urban myths.

One girl however always seems to know more about the truth behind these legends.

As she starts telling the story of “The Hookman” you take on the role of Christine, the main character of “the Hookman” story.

You will have to solve puzzles by finding hidden objects and unravel the mystery of “The Hookman” to advance in the game.

Thanks to RosieBritBrat for the information.

Hi TB thanks for the info...

Reading the storyline it looks an interesting game.. Do you know the developers name or where I might find some screenshots??


EDIT: Sorry, think I've to look at the Zylom site...Undecided

I can't log onto the board.... Iam a member and did receive the email. Tried to contact them too...Cry

Yea!!! I finally remembered my log in !!!! I wrote it down now LOL

I just played the trial, and it was a rip-off. It wasn't a 60 minute trial like all games usually give, it was just a little snippet to get you to buy it.  I think it would be a wonderfully interesting game, and I probably would have bought it-even though I rarely buy games-but the creators of this game did not give the public a fair trial period and therefore I cannot reccommend this game.


Hi Metalmom..

I've played the demo as well and I guess a bit too short to get an idea how the game really is... I agree as the public didn't get a fair trial period it might be a little snippet to get you to buy it... but... curious as I am.. maybe I'll use my GH ticket for this one....LLC

HAGD and thanks for your comments...

GH now has made their Funpass Annual membership available again. At $9.99 a month it seems like a good deal!