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Disco Zoo Walkthrough

Feb 28, 2014

Disco Zoo is a time/resource management game from NimbleBit. In this game, you rescue animals and place them in your very own zoo. When the mood strikes you, you can throw a party and double your earnings. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints to help you get a good start on getting along with your party animals.

Disco Zoo

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Disco Zoo Review

Feb 26, 2014

In the world of free-to-play, popular game styles seem to come in waves. After FarmVille, every Facebook developer went through their farming phase. After Social City, every social gamemaker thought they could make the next SimCity-lite. And back in those early days – wedged somewhere between virtual pets and restaurant simulations, the social scene had a brief but noteworthy obsession with treasure hunts.

In a nutshell, games like Treasure Isle and Ruby Skies had players “exploring” a piece of land by clicking on different squares in an attempt to find all sorts of goodies. It was simple to the point of silliness, but it also managed to have that “just one more time” hook that only the most popular free-to-play games can muster.

Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo, the latest game from Tiny Tower creator Nimblebit and Milkbag Games – the new pairing of Owen Goss (Finger Tied) and Matt Rix (Trainyard) – feels a lot like those early free-to-play treasure hunts. And regardless of how that might read at first glance, I promise you – this is a very good thing.

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Milkbag Games and NimbleBit team up for Disco Zoo

Jan 24, 2014

Here’s one last piece of fun and unexpected news to leave you with before the weekend: Milkbag Games and NimbleBit have teamed up to bring us a brand new game about dancing animals called Disco Zoo. And they said that Disco was dead…

When we last heard from Milkbag Games, the duo of Matt Rix (Trainyard) and Owen Goss (Finger Tied) were hard at work on the upcoming Snow Siege, and NimbleBit had just put out the fantastic Star Wars: Tiny Death Star with Disney, so the announcement of this new game comes as a welcomed surprise.

Alongside the official Twitter announcement, the developers have also released a 20-second teaser trailer that depicts various zoo visitors gathered around different animal exhibits, which are all brought to life through NimbleBit’s signature and adorable 8-bit visual style. But then the lights go low, the disco ball drops down, and the zoo animals then get their 1970s on!

That’s all we know about Disco Zoo so far, but I don’t think I’m the only one who can’t wait to learn more. Keep checking back on Gamezebo for all the latest news regarding this seriously funky game’s platforms and release date.

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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Walkthrough

Nov 11, 2013

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a building/simulation game created by Disney Mobile, LucasArts, and NimbleBit. You build up a Death Star level-by-level and gradually install stores, services, exercise clubs, and other amenities that are necessary on a giant laser-shooting space station. The more you build, the more products and services you are able to sell, allowing your profits to go back into improving the Death Star. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to build a machine of death that could never be mistaken for a moon.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Review

Nov 8, 2013

Aw, lookit the tiny Empire and its widdle Death Star! Lookit the teensy aliens living inside! It's hard to believe something so adorable is still capable of turning teeming planets into asteroid fields with a single, well-focused laser shot. That's evil for you. Turn your back for a second, and bam. That doesn't mean you should stop the Empire's shenanigans. In fact, stifling the activity in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star would be like scolding a child for painting a picture. You don't want to smother blossoming talent, right? Of course you don't.

Tiny Death Star is the latest in NimbleBit's Tiny series (which includes Tiny Tower, Pocket Trains, and Pocket Planes), with Disney Mobile taking over the developing duties on this one. As its name suggests, you're in charge of assembling a Death Star level-by-level. Forget innocent airlines and rail-based shipping routes. Now you're building for keeps.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

But despite the magnitude of building, y'know, an intergalactic weapon of immeasurable destruction (however tiny), Tiny Death Star is more or less Tiny Tower with a Star Wars skin. That's either good news or awful news depending on your outlook. Players desiring a unique new experience coupled with the chance to create some Empire-style mayhem will be disappointed. That said, Tiny Death Star's Star Wars references and themed Bitizens are pretty stinkin' adorable.

If you've played Tiny Tower, firing up Tiny Death Star should feel like moving back home. You build up the Death Star level by level, complete with residential areas, restaurants, shops, and services. Yes, to build up funds and complete construction, the Emperor decided the Death Star should essentially become a condominium/shopping mall hybrid.

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Exploring the 8-bit world of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Nov 7, 2013

If there’s one thing that gets people talking around the mobile community these days, it’s the highly stylized and wildly addictive 8-bit experiences from developer NimbleBit, like Tiny Tower and Nimble Quest. Now couple that winning formula with a full-on Star Wars theme, and you’ve got yourself one serious contender for an all-out good time. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star has just gone live on the App Store and Google Play Marketplace today, but earlier this week I had the chance to speak with Jon-Paul Dumont, the Studio Director at Disney Mobile Palo Alto, and discuss everything from what it was like working with NimbleBit on this exciting new project, to what kinds of Star Wars fun and humor players can expect to find inside their own Tiny Death Stars.

The folks at Disney Mobile have actually been fans of NimbleBit and their impressive catalogue of mobile hits for quite some time, and according to Dumont, the idea for a possible collaboration with the Tiny Tower formula and LucasArts’ Star Wars license just seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Disney Mobile had come up with the name “Tiny Death Star” right off the bat, and loved how you could say that name to anyone and have them instantly understand exactly what it means. Yes, I think even Obi-Wan himself would go so far as to say that NimbleBit and Disney Mobile could not “escape their destiny” together.

The first thing that might come as a surprise to some Tiny Tower fans is that the team at Disney Mobile took over the actual developing duties here for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, with NimbleBit stepping back in a more consultative role. However, you shouldn’t let that fool you, because Dumont tells me that one of Disney Mobile’s biggest goals with this game was to stay true to the iconic 8-bit world of Tiny Tower and preserve its unique niche of gameplay, a modern mobile legacy which Dumont describes as being almost sacred to him and his team. Well just playing through the game for a few minutes, you can already tell that Disney Mobile has done NimbleBit proud with this release, as Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is certainly a Tiny Tower game here in every sense of the word.

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Check out these Star Wars: Tiny Death Star screenshots

Oct 28, 2013

Earlier this month we brought you the exciting news that NimbleBit would be teaming up with Disney to bring us a brand new tower-building adventure set in the realm of Star Wars. Tiny Tower and Stars Wars just seem like the perfect match to us, and the upcoming 8-bit mobile game is already perched high atop our list of most anticipated releases.

Well to give us another little taste of all the awesomeness that’s still in store, Disney has unveiled four new images of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star in action, and they’re everything we hoped they would be and more. From tiny pixelated Stormtroopers to 8-bit Darth Vader himself, it looks like our Tiny Death Stars are really going to be where all of the action is at in the universe!

So now enough with all of this writing, and on to the Star Wars: Tiny Death Star screenshots!


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Tiny Death Star: From the makers of Tiny Tower

Oct 4, 2013

NimbleBit have done some pretty amazing things in short time that smartphone gaming has been a thing, though none of their subsequent releases have managed to reach quite as high on the popularity scale as 2011’s Tiny Tower.

Now, more than two years after their top game’s release, NimbleBit are taking us on a tower-building adventure in a galaxy far far away. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star will, as the official press release puts it, let players “live life on the dark side and join Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader on a mission to attract Galactic bitizens, run intergalactic businesses, and build an all-new Death Star.”


This isn’t the first collaboration Disney had made with a popular studio in recent months. My Muppets Show was a re-working of My Singing Monsters, tackled by the game’s original developer Big Blue Bubble. And let’s not forget Imangi tackling games like Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz for the House of Mouse.

There’s no word on an exact release date for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star quite yet, but Disney are saying that we can expect a worldwide release “soon.” Though if you ask me, it can’t be soon enough. JUST LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE JAWA BITIZENS!!

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Pocket Trains Review

Sep 30, 2013

Open wide: Here comes the choo-choo train. In other words, clear your schedule because NimbleBit’s done it again. Pocket Trains is the charming, highly addictive follow-up to last year’s Pocket Planes. Like its predecessor, Pocket Trains is a lightweight simulation game that puts you in charge of heavy machinery and shipping routes. Admittedly, if you didn’t enjoy Pocket Planes, nothing about Pocket Trains will appeal to you. Regardless of how you feel about NimbleBit’s games, however, there’s no denying the studio knows how to package freemium content fairly and compellingly.

Pocket Trains puts you in charge of your very own railway (you don’t get one of those cute engineer outfits, but you can pretend). You begin with a couple of engines and short shipping lines centered in Europe. If you stay vigilant, you’ll have veins of rails reaching across Eurasia, Oceana, and even North America.

True to NimbleBit tradition, however, you start small: all the better for showing you the ropes. The action in Pocket Trains revolves around making deliveries for cash (including cars filled with syrup and giant jars of pickles). The larger and longer your haul, the bigger your reward.

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Pocket Trains Walkthrough

Sep 27, 2013

Pocket Trains is a train simulation game from NimbleBit, in which you are the owner of your very own railroad company, set on dominating the world by delivering goods and passengers to their destinations. Keeping on the tracks while maintaining your successful business can be difficult, but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide you’ll have all of the tips, tricks, and walkthroughs you need to stay ahead of the game.

Pocket Trains

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