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Heroes of Kalevala Review

Sep 20, 2010

Wouldn't it be great if building a village from scratch was as simple as playing a fun match-3 game with heroes from Finnish mythology involved? Heroes of Kalevala throws such a scenario your way, mixing match-3 puzzling with a building sim, and bringing some light RPG elements along for the ride too.

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Miriel's Enchanted Mystery Review

Sep 21, 2009

Our favorite trader of delicious recipes, magical potions, and elegant fabrics Miriel is back for another adventure in Miriel's Enchanted Mystery. Again you will find yourself within a story full of magic, schemes, and travels. The second part of the series tries to combine the classic formulas of time management and hidden-object gameplay, but will it really succeed? Or is Miriel's Enchanted Mystery just another lame attempt to satisfy two different audiences at the same time?

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Miriel's Enchanted Mystery Walkthrough

Sep 20, 2009

Welcome to our strategy guide for Miriel's Enchanted Mystery:

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Dragon Portals Review

May 19, 2009

Rather than popping marbles, twisting hexagons, or swapping gems, Dragon Portals, a new match-three game from veteran casual game studio MythPeople, has players dropping colored orbs from the back of one flying dragon to another in an effort to match up three or more similarly-hued spheres. Apart from this one twist, and better-than-average art direction, it’s a fairly run-of-the-mill puzzler.
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Miriel the Magical Merchant Walkthrough

Sep 30, 2008

Check out our strategy guide for Miriel the Magical Merchant. GENERAL TIPS Game Overview You will be given certain questions in the game and a couple of choices on how to answer them. The answer you give, will determine which ending you will receive. There is only one mode to play in this game, there are 10 locations. The first 8 locations have 6 levels each. The last 2 locations have 8 levels each for a total of 64 levels There's no way to replay a level until you are comple... Read more »

Miriel the Magical Merchant Review

Sep 7, 2008

When was the last time you went out for dinner and ordered farmer's cheese and a bucket of water? Well, you've obviously never been to Miriel's restaurant. Miriel the Magical Merchant is an amusing medieval-inspired time management game that sends players scampering around the kitchen, cooking up magical dishes to serve to picky customers.

With numerous food items to combine, and multiple endings to unlock, there's plenty of creative elements that make Miriel stand out from the crowd.
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Miriel the Magical Merchant Preview

Aug 21, 2008

MythPeople gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming fantasy-themed time management game, Miriel the Magical Merchant, which is being published by RealArcade. Your goal is to help Miriel serve customers a variety of products including apples and strawberries, beverages, bread and cakes – but there's something a little bit unusual about this girl...

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Abundante! Review

Nov 9, 2006

Make some room on your calendar because a little 'ol game you haven't heard of--Abundante!-- is waiting to be downloaded, and believe me, you won't be able to stop once you begin.

Before we get to the story, the premise behind this arcade puzzler is simple enough--well, to start, anyway.

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