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18 Cadence Review: A story for readers, a workbook for writers, and a collaborative sharing space for both.

Apr 15, 2013

18 Cadence is the latest work from interactive fiction writer Aaron A. Reed, creator of Blue Lacuna.  While not a game in any standard sense of the word, this “story kit” is an interactive experience that allows you to send more than just a high score to the world: you are enabled and encouraged to share your own story or poem with other reader-creators, and to explore what they have shared as well.  It’s a potentially endless cycle of inspiration and creation, originating from Reed’s own offerings.

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App Icon Quiz Preview: Are you the icon whisperer?

Apr 2, 2013

Have you ever passed on an app because it had a crummy icon? As ridiculous as it may sound, it isn’t all that uncommon. The home screen of your iPhone or iPad is a beautiful place, after all, and the last thing you want is some grainy (or just plain ugly) icon ruining it. As one could imagine, this is something developers would like to avoid. That's where App Icon Quiz (AIQ) comes in. It serves the dual purpose of providing players with an enjoyable trivia game and offering developers a chance to test out their app icons.

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QwizShow Review: Question: Should you play QwizShow? Answer: Sure, why not.

Jan 29, 2013

The Internet is an infinite storehouse of knowledge. If you have a question, the answer is at your fingertips—no matter how bizarre, no matter how perverted (in fact, the more bizarre and perverted, the better). But the Internet has a much more important function than dispensing the sum total of mankind’s knowledge: You can harness its massive audience in order to regurgitate your own stores of knowledge and demonstrate your intelligence to strangers. QwizShow for Facebook is a basic, non-offensive means of showing off your smarts.

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MathFeud Preview: Developed by Pythagoras himself

Oct 13, 2012

It’s been argued that an inability to do math somehow makes you a lesser person. If you’ve been on the receiving end of such insults, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t true. But if that’s not enough to make you feel better, and you really wish to improve your number skills, Mathfeud is the game for you.

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What's My IQ? Review: If your IQ is anywhere above 3, you’ll walk away before long.

Sep 6, 2012

IQ tests are self-indulgent, pointless, and are a poor means of measuring something as complex as human intelligence. Yet we’re drawn to those tests over and over. There’s something comforting about a string of numbers that essentially tells us, “Yeah, you’re smart, dogg. You locked your keys in the car this morning, but you’re as sharp as a Ginsu.” Maybe that’s why What’s My IQ? for iOS immediately draws in your attention. What you’ll find, though, is a series of vague trick questions that don’t measure any kind of intelligence, and aren’t always fun to play with.

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Clockwork Brain Review: Clockwork Brain offers a unique and delightful set of brain teasers for mobile minds

Feb 17, 2012

Brain teasing games are a difficult thing to balance sometimes when it comes to their appeal. Make them too hard and the player feels like an idiot. But if they’re too easy, then there’s just no point in playing. That considered, developer Total Eclipse has done an outstanding job with its new iOS release Clockwork Brain. Steering away from slippery slopes such as trivia, the game works more like an IQ test in that it tests functions of the brain such as analytical capabilities, special recognition, logic, and memory.

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Clockwork Brain Preview: The team behind The Clockwork Man wants to train your brain

Jan 23, 2012

Fans of The Clockwork Man are no doubt hoping that the team at Total Eclipse are furiously working away at a third installment in the series, but who can say? While we don’t really have any confirmation on The Clockwork Man 3, Total Eclipse’s next game seems like a pretty clear indication that they’re not quite done with the franchise yet: A Clockwork Brain.

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Zombie Minesweeper Review: Zombie Minesweeper is a love story. With zombies. (That means it's an awesome love story)

Aug 16, 2011

I'm not always the best boyfriend. I'm distant sometimes. Or I forget appointments. Or, sometimes, I say stupid things. However, I'm pretty certain that I'm a lot better than the boyfriend who appears in Zombie Minesweeper, the first iOS release from Frogtoss Games. Unlike this absentee paramour, I'm pretty certain that I've never done anything as stupid as convincing my girlfriend to walk across a zombie-infested county just so we can have a romantic weekend alone. That said, I guess I should be grateful that this guy managed to convince his girlfriend to do just that, because Zombie Minesweeper is one of the best games to appear on the platform.

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Zombie Minesweeper Preview: Zombie Minesweeper brings a touch of love (and the undead) to a classic puzzle formula

Aug 8, 2011

If you're like me, you've probably wiled away untold hours in front of your computer mastering Minesweeper. But if you're really like me, you probably also sat there and said, "You know what this needs? A story. And zombies." Good news: this is finally happening thanks to Frogtoss Games' first iOS release, Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story.

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Puzzle Agent 2 Review: Puzzle Agent 2 brings some much needed closure to the strange happenings in Scoggins, Minnesota

Jul 4, 2011

Telltale Games have become a big name in point and click adventures over the last few years, but in 2010 they decided to release something decidedly different from their mainstay formula. Puzzle Agent may have offered the great narrative and adventure framework that the company is known for, but the gameplay revolved not around collecting and using items, but solving logic puzzles. Now they’ve brought that formula back for a second go round with Puzzle Agent 2, a game that offers everything fans of the first could want in a sequel.

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