How to Get Free Hearthstone Cards This Halloween

Boo! That may or may not be an actual line of dialogue found in Hearthstone over the Halloween season — or as it’s called in-game, Hallow’s End — so we’ll just have to wait and see. What we do know is that Blizzard has concocted a number of cool promotions and events for its powerhouse card game over the coming weeks, beginning with …

Free Cards and Arena Runs

Yep, that’s right. Totally free cards and Arena tickets. All you have to do is log into Hearthstone sometime during the following time periods:

You’re already intrigued, we know. You’re planning on playing Hearthstone during the Halloween season now, even if you’ve drifted away a bit. And that’s good, because there’s more in store for you if you do.

Don’t want to wait until the 24th to kick start your Hearthstone Halloween? You can grab the free alternate Warlock Hero named Nemsy Necrofizzle right now by joining a Fireside Brawl at any established Fireside Gathering Tavern. Nemsy will also be one part of the Hallow’s End festivities that sticks around once the season is over.

Be sure to visit the official Hearthstone blog for more details on all the Hallow’s End fun, but if you take anything out of this article, it’s free cards. You’re welcome.