Tricky Test 2: Think Outside is a brainteaser-style puzzle game by Orangenose Studios. In this game, players will be given a series of 60 questions ranging from phone-shaking challenges to algebra equations and timed on how long it takes to complete all 60. Gamezebo’s Tricky Test 2: Think Outside walkthrough will help you ace the toughest questions and earn that coveted “genius” title.

General Tips

Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough

  • Tricky Test 2 uses two measurements to decide if you “beat” the game or not: the time it takes to complete all questions and how many times you gave an incorrect answer. The third component that doesn’t affect your total score are the five hearts at the top of the screen: these will be deducted when you give a wrong answer, and losing all five will force you to either pay coins to be revived or to go back three questions, forcing you to re-answer these and lose time.
  • If you lose all five hearts, we highly recommend taking the time hit and not sacrificing coins: they are too crucial when buying hints or solutions, and replaying three questions you already know the answer to will only take a short while.
  • The clock only runs while you’re actively working on a puzzle, so if you return to the menu, exit the app, or do anything that takes you away from the current question, the timer will pause. When you complete a question and are shown your time, that is cumulative for all questions you have completed so far.
  • If you get completely stuck or step away from the app without exiting and have absolutely no chance of winning, you can delete it from your device and reinstall to get a fresh start.

Types of Questions

Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough

  • The questions you’ll encounter are a mix of deceptive brainteasers, general phone interactions, and straight-up math equations. One of the game’s favorite types of brainteaser involves the text within the question itself. When answering a question, always remember the question text is available to tap on as well.
  • Don’t tap too quickly. Most of the time, if you’re going to get marked down for an “incorrect” choice, it’s due to tapping on something you shouldn’t have. There’s no harm in thinking about the question: you have 60 minutes to complete 60 questions, and many of them will take only a few seconds to complete, so there’s no rush.
  • Most of the phone interaction challenges involve shaking or tilting your device. You’ll never have to close the game or use another app, like the camera, in order to answer a question.
  • If you’re having trouble figuring out a math equation, a lot of times purchasing a clue will tell you if it’s actually solvable or is really a trick question. Or feel free to reference our walkthrough below.

Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough

Sometimes you’ll just get impossibly stuck on a question and not have the coins to purchase a solution. This walkthrough will provide a picture of every question as well as their solutions and tips on solving. This section contains obvious spoilers: if you’re looking for help on a specific question, you can search by “Question #1” (the number you’re looking for) or the title of the question as given in the game (for instance, #2 is “Drag Me”). The questions and answers are in numerical order.

Updated 10/13/16: Orangenose Studios intends to update Tricky Test 2 with new questions every week. Since this walkthrough was written, they have added 20 new questions to the test, for a total of 80. These questions are interspersed with the previous 60, showing up at different points in the game–easier questions earlier, harder later, etc. They have also moved some questions around to better reflect the actual difficulty of each challenge. We have updated this walkthrough with the 20 new questions, the current order all 80 appear in, and any new question titles since some have changed slightly. Newly added questions will be marked with **NEW** before their title.

Question #1

  • This first question doesn’t have a title, and it’s pretty straightforward: just tap the green button three times. It will move slightly, but there’s no time limit, so just tap once, move your finger, tap again.



Question #2 – Drag Me

  • The first of many text-trick questions. Just drag the word “me” from the question itself into the box.



Question #3 – Tap In Order 1.0

  • Tap the numbers in the order listed. Be careful; the five and four are swapped from normal order.



Question #4 – Holes in Underpants

  • At first glance, these underpants appear to be hole-free. However, don’t forget the waist and leg openings for a total of three holes.



Question #5 – Furthest from Us

  • Another brainteaser: it actually wants to know which list item is farthest from the word “us” in the question. The cloud, way at the bottom of the screen.



Question #6 – Lottery

  • Question six is a simple phone interaction to get you used to the idea. Just rub the silver part of the ticket until it’s revealed.



Question #7 – Holes in Shirt

  • Similar to the underpants question above, but this time there are actually holes in the shirt. Remember to count the arm, neck, and waist holes, plus both sides of the other hole, for a total of six.



Question #8 – Animal Town

  • This one is admittedly a bit confusing, since the answer, “Chicago,” technically has 4/7 of “chicken” in it: “chic.” However, the game counts the second “c” as part of cat, so it’s the correct answer.



Question #9 – Close Windows

  • If you close the actual glass window, nothing will happen, so hit the X in the brown browser window.



Question #10 – Cat Fight

  • You can tap all over this without any wrong answer dings, but you’ll eventually have to use two fingers to separate the cat and dog.



Question #11 – Tap In Order 2.0

  • Unlike the first tap in order question, the list of numbers disappears once you start tapping. So be sure to memorize what’s listed before you begin.



Question #12 – Tap Elephant

  • Another text teaser; tap the word “elephant” in the question itself.



Question #13 – Tap Tap Button 2.0

  • Count your taps as you progress and stop when you hit 13. The counter is wrong and will read “-1” when you have tapped 13 times.



Question #14 – No Ears

  • A fairly straightforward teaser, “b-e-a-r” without “e-a-r” is just “b,” so choose image B.



Question #15 – Rotate

  • This is another phone interaction practice question. There’s no trick here, just rotate your phone physically in your hand.



Question #16 – Happy Birthday

  • Light the middle candle and then turn your phone either left or right. If you light an end candle or turn it too quickly, the flame will light all three candles, but we only want to light two.



Question #17 – Look for Owl

  • Simply tilt your phone right until you see the owl, then tap on him.



Question #18 – Hide Elephant 2.0

  • Another text teaser; drag the word “elephant” from the question into the fridge.



Question #19 – I want some Ketchup

  • Treat your phone like a ketchup bottle: turn it upside down and tap on the bottom. It will take many taps before the ketchup spills out, so just keep smacking.



Question #20 – Engagement Day

  • The answer is “B.” That makes statements A and B false, but statement C true.



Question #21 “Pencil and Eraser”

  • The eraser costs $0.05 because $0.05 + $1.00 = $1.05, and $1.05 + $0.05 = $1.10.



Question #22 – Who is the Murderer?

  • Looking at a keyboard may help with this one. Try tracing your fingers along the letters in the order they are written. You can see it makes a general “H” shape, for “Hana.”



Question #23 – Turn Off Lamp 1.0

  • Another interaction puzzle; just swipe right across the bulb until it completely unscrews.



**NEW** Question #24 – Tap Tap Button 3.0

  • A button tapper and text trick combined! Tap the button ten times and also tap the word “buttons” in the instructions ten times.



Question #25 – True Statement

  • This is similar to the engagement question above. Only statement three, “Three statements here are false,” can be correct.



Question #26 – Tortoise Race

  • If you overtake the person in third, you will then be the person in third. Tap the word “3rd” in the question itself.



Question #27 – Count the Owls

  • There are additional owls hidden under the visible ones. Drag the owls out of the way to see how many are actually there (nine). If you try to pick the answer before dragging the owls, you’ll still get a wrong answer ding because the game thinks you’re just guessing.



Question #28 – Save the Heart

  • Another phone interaction: just shake your device up and down rapidly until the heart is red.



Question #29 – Hide Elephant 1.0

  • Another text teaser: you need to hide both the drawing of the elephant and the word “elephants” from the instructions. Drag them both to the right and off-screen.



Question #30 – Tears of Moai

  • Don’t tap moai; instead, just turn your device upside down until his tears dry up.



Question #31 – Apple Tree

  • Shake your device until the apples fall; you’ll get a line underneath the tree that says all apples have fallen. Then input the answer, 7.



Question #32 – 7 x 7

  • You have to think back to math class on this one. The game doesn’t want you to do these steps in direct order; you need to combine the multiplication and division into their own steps. Which results in 7 + (7 / 7) + (7 x 7) – 7, or 7 + 1 + 49 – 7 = 50.



Question #33 – Complete the Statement

  • Drag the exclamation point from the end of the instructions to the end of the sentence on the notepad. It’s a bit finicky, so keep trying to place it until it slides into place.



**NEW** Question #34 – Matryoshka Doll

  • Pinch the doll apart (along the waist) to reveal two dolls. Then tap the number “2.”



Question #35 – Orangenose Calculator 1.0

  • It wants a whole number, not a decimal. The answer is just 0.



Question #36 – Tap Tap Button 4.0

  • Ignore the timer; it’s just there to make you tap quickly and make a mistake. Tap the green button three times and then tap the yellow button four times. After the fourth tap, it turns white. Wait for it to turn yellow again, then tap one more time.



Question #37 – Holes in Shorts

  • This one’s a little trickier than the previous hole questions. We can only see the front of the shorts, but it’s possible the hole is connected in the back; so the answer is 6 (waist, two legs, two holes in front, and at least one hole in back).



Question #38 – Turn Off Lamp 2.0

  • Follow the arrow: tilt your device to the right until you see a light switch, then tap it to turn the lamp off.



Question #39 – Paper

  • Simply tilt your device so the paper is facing the floor.



**NEW** Question #40 – Annoying Flies

  • Quickly tilt the phone up and towards you, as if you’re smacking your forehead. (Don’t really smack your forehead.)



Question #41 – Solve the Pattern 1.0

  • This is not a sequence puzzle as it first appears. If 1 = 5, then 5 = 1. The answer is 1.



**NEW** Question #42 – Mighty Flashlight

  • Tilt your device downward, with the screen still facing up. The screen should scroll to the end of the lights, which will taper off near the top of the screen, showing one to be the “brightest.” The answer is A, but you must tilt the device first or it will mark you wrong for guessing.



Question #43 – Find Jack’s Key

  • Tilt your device forward until the doors open and tap the key that appears in the middle doorway.



Question #44 – The Hidden Card 1.0

  • Use two fingers: one should cover the A on the card itself and the other should cover the word “ace” in the instructions.



Question #45 – Wake Rose Up

  • Do not tap on Rose. Use two fingers, or one finger pinching, to pull the curtains apart.



Question #46 – Weights of Animals

  • The answer is 14. The rabbit weighs 4kg, cat weighs 3kg, dog weighs 7kg. Adding all three together gets 14kg.



**NEW** Question #47 – Microphone

  • Pinch the phone in the hand as if it’s an image and you’re trying to zoom out. Keep pinching until it’s tiny (“micro” “phone”).



Question #48 – Save Mum

  • Ignore the question’s title: you need to save both mother and fiancé. Place a finger on each hand and drag them up at the same time.



Question #49 – Move Match 1.0

  • The answer is 909, because you can move one match from the eight to make both the first and last numbers nine.



Question #50 – Family Dinner

  • This is a bit tricky; the answer is 7 because one woman could be the grandmother.



Question #51 – Say Cheese!

  • Drag the word “smile” from the instructions onto the camera lens. Then pinch with two fingers and drag it out to make the word larger.



Question #52 – Cut the Fruits

  • Tap the cherry, then the pineapple, and hit OK. Carrots are vegetables and so should not be tapped.



Question #53 – Tap an Orange

  • Drag the orange away to reveal the other half of the orange. Use two fingers and tap both orange halves at the same time.



**NEW** Question #54 – The Hidden Card 2.0

  • Turn your phone so it’s facing the floor. That’s it!



Question #55 – No Smoking Please

  • Use your finger to rub the tip of the cigarette until it’s put out.



**NEW** Question #56 – Elephant in Trunk

  • Turn your phone upside down so the trunk swings open. Then, with the phone still upside down, drag the elephant into the trunk (he will shrink automatically).



**NEW** Question #57 – Please tap 121 times

  • You can tap the button 121 times (and the counter works correctly, so it will say “121” after you’ve done so). Or you can drag the text “121 times” from the instructions to the button and then tap it just once.



Question #58 – The Hidden Card 3.0

  • Tap “card” in the instructions and drag down to reveal a card underneath the word.



**NEW** Question #59 – Running Mouse

  • This is one of the few questions that requires fast reflexes: tap the mouse when it’s running left (facing the same direction as the example mouse) four times. Don’t worry; even if you miss a mouse, you won’t lose any points, and you’ll get more tries. After the fourth mouse is tapped, no more mice will cross the screen. Tap the mouse in the instructions to catch the fifth and final mouse.



**NEW** Question #60 – Sleep like a Pig

  • Tap and hold the pig’s nose. His face will fill up red and he’ll wake up after a few seconds.



Question #61 – Orangenose Calculator 2.0

  • Turn your phone horizontal and tap the number 8, then hit enter. You’ve made what looks like an infinity sign.



Question #62 – Square Orange

  • Ignore the gray dots on the board. You can place the oranges on non-dotted areas of the screen. Move the topmost orange to the left of the two leftmost oranges (in the black space next to and between them). Move the bottom-right orange to the black space below the two bottommost oranges (also in between them).



**NEW** Question #63 – Fix my Clock

  • Drag the exclamation mark from the instruction text (after “Uh-oh!”) onto the clock until it stretches into a minute hand.



Question #64 – Make 3 Cubes

  • Drag the middle-left match (the back of the center cube) and simply rotate it 90 degrees so it’s positioned vertically inside the same cube.



**NEW** Question #65 – The Light Bulb Mystery

  • Tap on all three bulbs at the same time (with three fingers). Hold your fingers there: after a few seconds, one of them will cause an “Ouch, it’s hot!” speech bubble to appear. Pick this bulb (it’s C). You can also hold a finger on each bulb one at a time, or just on C, but doing all three works as well.



Question #66 – Hide Elephant 3.0

  • Don’t touch anything. Just turn your device so it’s facing the floor.



**NEW** Question #67 – Everything Out

  • If you tap on the box, it will say it’s empty. Drag the word “everything” into the box. Then tilt your device upside down so “everything” falls back out.



Question #68 – Impossible Cashier

  • Use two fingers: place one on the left half of the price tag and one on the right half, then move them apart to tear the sticker. The “.50” will drop off, leaving just “$24.” Tap $10 on the register twice and $2 twice to get $24.



Question #69 – Solve the Pattern 2.0

  • This is actually a solvable sequence, albeit a tricky one. Basically, each number is the sum of the number to its left, and the numbers above both that number and the sum. So look left of the W: 5, with a 3 above it and a 5 above the W. 5 + 3 + 5 = 13.



**NEW** Question #70 – Brown or White Egg

  • Tap on both eggs and slide them against one another so the white one cracks. You have to slide the eggs into each other at the same time, using two fingers (sliding one egg into the other will not work).



**NEW** Question #71 – Tap Tap Button 5.0

  • Tap the big button ten times, then drag it to the right to reveal a smaller button underneath. Tap this smaller button ten times. Be careful not to tap the “button” in the instruction text! If you’re having trouble sliding the big button to the side, try tapping and holding just next to it, or on its far right side. Trying to slide it near the middle will sometimes just register as another tap.



Question #72 – Move Match 3.0

  • You want to leave all of the outermost matches, as well as the four innermost, leaving you with one small square inside of a large square. So tap the eight matches connecting the largest outer square to the inner smallest square.



**NEW** Question #73 – XXXL Box

  • Tap the bottom box (XXXL), the one above it (XXL), the one above that (XL); then the gift box near the bottom of the screen, then the smallest box up top.



**NEW** Question #74 – Match and Candle

  • Drag the match to the top of the screen and across to “light” it on the hidden matchbox, then drag it to the candle.



**NEW** Question #75 – 2 Triangles

  • Pull the star apart into two pieces (pinch / drag them apart) then tap the two triangles that appear.



**NEW** Question #76 – First floor, please

  • Turn your phone upside down. While upside down, press the elevator arrow: since it’s now pointing down, it will go to “1.”



**NEW** Question #77 – Strongest Balloon Ever

  • Drag the balloons, one by one, onto the “corner” of the blue clue box in the bottom left corner. (If you’ve already used a clue, it will be the yellow solution box.) Do this until three have burst and only one is left. The strongest will always be the last balloon you attempt to pop.



Question #78 – Solve the Pattern 3.0

  • This one is also solvable. The triangles work as follows: top number – left number x right number = middle number. So, for the orange triangle: 6 – 2 = 4, 4 x 2 = 8. So to solve for y: 6 – 5 = 1 x 3 = 3. The answer is 3.




Question #79 – Equation of 1 to 9

  • You have to create an equation that works, using each number only once. There are multiple solutions to this: be aware of numbers carrying over columns (e.g., 5 + 6 = 11, so you’d have a 1 and then 1 would carry over). The given solution is “219 + 348 = 567.” We used “154 + 629 = 783.”



Question #80 “Move Match 2.0”

  • The answer is “51181.”