The Blackwell Epiphany Walkthrough

Game Introduction: The Blackwell Epiphany

The Blackwell Epiphany is the fifth and final chapter in the Blackwell series of point-and-click adventure games. The story features Rosa Blackwell and her ghost accomplice, Joey. Known as a Bestower, Rosa is tasked with utilizing her ability to see wandering ghosts and send them to peace, in the afterlife, with the aid of Joey’s paranormal abilities. The story begins when Detective Durkin calls Rosa up and tells her to meet him at an old abandoned building, downtown.

Gameplay Basics

The Basics

The Blackwell Epiphany Walkthrough

Detective Durkin sends Rosa to investigate some “dump” downtown for unknown reasons. He fails to show up so Rosa and Joey must investigate without him.

Send Joey through the locked door and into the building. Once inside head through the open door on the right, which leads into a portion of the building where the wall has crumbled away. Upon entering the room, a ghost of a woman appears up in the balcony. Because the balcony is too far from Rosa, Joey can’t make it up there on his own. Head back outside and talk to Rosa.

As Rosa, head to the bricks to the right of the doorway, the “Revolt” brick is hollow but the ice around it is holding it in place. Use Rosa’s warm coffee to melt the ice, remove the brick, and retrieve the key. Use the key to unlock the door, and enter the building.

Head back into the room the lady ghost was seen in, and use Joey to ascend to the balcony and enter the room the lady ghost went into.

Approach the lady ghost and chat with her. Turns out she was expecting someone, and that her name is Mary. She won’t leave. Go back to Rosa. Since Rosa can’t climb through the clogged and collapsed stairwell to the balcony, head into the room on the left. Pickup and read the newspaper to reveal that Mary was a drug addict who resided, and died, within the building. Head back out to the stairwell and grab an old fuse from the bottom of the cardboard box, and use it to fix the broken elevator, back in the lobby.

Here’s the first complicated puzzle of the game. Insert the fuse into the Floor 3 slot, and send Joey back up to the room Mary is in. You’ll notice the elevator door is now open. Using Joey’s “blow” ability, blow the small plastic object on the floor through the open elevator doors, and down to the shaft. Use Tab to switch back to Rosa and switch the fuse from Floor 3 to Floor 2. Then leave the fuse box and head back up to the room you found the newspaper in (the room with the toilet) and retrieve what turns out to be a memory stick, which Rosa uses with her phone to find a photo of Mary stored on it, a glamour shot for the Gotham Collective, a theater group.

Use Rosa’s phone to search for “Gotham Collective”. The search results provide a text file of associated names, which Rosa holds onto to cross reference at a later point. Pull open her notes and combine “Mary” with the list of Cast Members. Rosa finds a match for the play “The River Wall”. Search for The River Wall in Rosa’s phone to reveal a less-than-flattering review.

Questioning Mary about the review triggers a scene where Mary emerges from the room to come into direct contact with Rosa in the stairwell. Mary leaves the stairwell and head down into the lobby, follow her there. In the lobby use Joey’s ties to release Mary’s spirit and send her to peace.

Exit the lobby and watch the plot thicken.

After the series of random events, the story shifts to the 1930’s. You now control two characters named Madeline and Jocelyn. Madeline is a ghost, similar to Rosa’s Joey.

Enter the tailor shop as Madeline, wherein she detects a wandering spirit in need of help. Go back outside and switch to Jocelyn, pick up the brick on the ground, and break the window. Climb in and ring the bell to get service from a familiar face.

The game time-warps back to the present day, to Rosa and Joey in her room doing research online. Rosa learns that the cops are trying to keep quiet the murder that Rosa and Joey witnessed. The pair decided to meet up with Detective Durkin.

Leave Rosa’s apartment and meet Durkin outside the police station. When Durkin refuses to help with anything, switch to Joey and head inside the police station. Head into the room beyond the lobby and check out the bulletin board for the name of the murdered victim, George Ostin. Leave the police station and head to the victim’s home.

George lives in a lavish apartment building. Again, use Joey to do some investigating. Read the note next to the elevator about the clothes drive George was partaking in. Blow on the note to knock it off the wall, blow on it again to slide it across the lobby floor to Rosa. As Rosa, talk to the doorman about the clothes drive who will reveal “Grace” refers to Grace Church.

Leave the apartment building and head to Grace Church. Inside, use the note to cross-reference George’s handwriting with the prayers written in the prayer book. Lia comes up in George’s prayer, go back to the lobby of his apartment and ask the doorman about Lia, who reveals she is a police officer.

Head back to the police station to talk to Durkin about Lia. Then use Joey to sneak into the police station, and look on the rightmost desk for an envelope with Lia’s address written on it. Leave the police station and head to Lia’s home. Pull a soggy letter out of Lia’s mailbox, and then head inside the house as Joey.

A little girl appears, follow her into her room. Talk to her about her dad to get her to reveal that her dad works at the Abacus as the boss. Outside the house, use Rosa’s phone to search for “The Wired Abacus” finding the first part of the business name off of the piece of mail from the mailbox. The result turns up an address, head there.

At the Wired Abacus, which is an electronics store, use Joey to enter the locked room in the back of the store. At the desk, blow on the mouse to rid the screensaver, and reveal a picture of Kendra and her dad, Emil Haskins, in front of Exeter House.

Search for Exeter House on Rosa’s phone to reveal the location, and head there. Use the buzzer at the front door to buzz up for Emil, he then invites you up. Talk to Emil, and when the conversation ends, send Joey back into the apartment to look around. Check out the photograph in the corner of the room, and write down the number in the picture. Use that number in the keypad, at the Wired Abacus to gain access to Emil’s office.

Once in the office, pick up the key on the desk, and check through the emails on his computer for some background information on Emil. From there, leave the Wired Abacus and head back to Lia’s house. Enter Lia’s house and take Emil’s key that is hanging right by the door. Head up to Kendra’s room and talk to her as Rosa.

Go back to the Wired Abacus and buy the Parental Eye spying software from the clerk. Go install it on Emil’s office computer. Open up Rosa’s phone and search for Trollgate, the game Kendra plays, and install it. Log in with Kendra’s username “KayKay” (from the art found on the fridge at Lia’s house), and type in the security answer “pierro” to get Kendra’s password emailed to her.

Go to Emil’s office and use the Parental Eye software to extract the password from Kendra’s email account, which turns out to be “brahms”. Log in with the information and check Kendra’s chat logs. In the chat Kendra reveals that Lia used a shelf to cover a hole in the wall in the basement, head back to Lia’s to investigate.

Lia appears, kind of, and threatens to kill Rosa unless she identifies herself. Talk to Lia until she reveals the “breakfast password” that will get Kendra to start listening to Rosa and Joey. With the password “Prunes and a Danish” head upstairs to talk to Kendra. Talk to her as Joey, and convince her that it’s safe to come with Joey and Rosa. Leave Lia’s house and head to Emil’s apartment with Kendra in tow.

As Joey, follow Kendra into her dad’s living room. She’ll then reveal that she now realizes that she is dead, and you can release her spirit using Joey’s tie.

Head back to Lia’s house. Talk to Lia and tell her Kendra is safe. Lia comes out, and starts explaining things to Lia. The plot thickens, and just as Rosa finds herself held at gunpoint, the game time-warps back to Madeline and Jocelyn.

As Jocelyn, check out the music poster on the wall, and ask Joey about it. Then talk to him as Madeline, to reveal more about Danny. More plot details are revealed, and the story warps back to Rosa and Joey, being detained in the police station.

Stay silent during the police interrogation until Palmer leaves and Detective Durkin is left alone with you in the room. Durkin will give you the information and access you need to continue your investigation. The game resumes back in Rosa’s apartment. Check Rosa’s phone for new emails, and download the file that Durkin emailed you.

Head to the police station and talk to Palmer about Lia. From there head to George Ostin’s apartment, and get his roomkey from the doorman. Up in George’s apartment check his tablet which is charging and lit up. Read through the emails to learn about Michael, and get his phone number. Michael doesn’t answer if you call, so go back to the police station and have Palmer trace the number for you.

The number traces to Grace Church. Talk to father Ullman and press him about the number, eventually he will admit to Michael’s last name: Cooper. Search for it on Rosa’s phone, and discuss the results with Father Ullman. Ullman reveals that Michael Cooper is being kept at a nearby school, head there.

Michael pulls a gun on Rosa when she interrupts his prayer. Talk to him to reveal additional plot information. Madeline shows up to reveal that Michael is a Bestower himself.

Follow Madeline outside and talk to her. When she is done explaining everything, and why she has suddenly reappeared, head back inside to talk to Michael. Father Michael reveals he can’t remember much about the Grace Group meetings, other than a handful of people’s names, most of which are dead. Madeline doesn’t know much about any of the names, but Officer Palmer does. Have Palmer do a background check on all the names Father Michael listed.

When Peter Fielding’s name comes up with a match, head to his site of death, Field’s Gym, to investigate. Send Joey in through the locked door and into the men’s locker room to encounter Peter’s ghost. Talk to Peter for him to tell you what he knows about his involvement with Grace Group.

Go back to talk to Madeline and Father Michael, who reveals that Heather was a prostitute and provides you with her address. Head to Heather’s address to find her spirit floating outside her house, use Joey to get through the gate in order to get to Heather. She mentions her pimp was named Ray, other than that, she doesn’t mention much else.

Run “Ray” by Officer Palmer for details that lead to a new location: Vantini bar. Head there.

The old woman sitting at the table turns out to be Rachel “Ray” Mendez. Talk with her about Heather. She turns out to be a dead end, for now.

Leave the bar and head back to Peter’s gym. Send in Joey and get Peter to give his number, by asking about personal fitness training.  Run Peter’s number by Officer Palmer to attain Peter’s address.

Go to Peter’s address and when the woman who answers the door isn’t much help, send Joey in to check out the papers on the woman’s table. They connect her to the Karth house, from the beginning of the game.

Use the Note-matching feature to link the case number to the Karth fire, for Rosa to make the connection to Maggie Fielding. Talk to Maggie about her past and she gives you her father’s address to learn more about Peter. Go back in with Joey to retrieve a case number off of some papers she has laying around, (Case #LM67R39).

The address takes Rosa and Joey to Greenwood Cemetery, where Peter and Maggie’s father is laid to rest. Go back to Officer Palmer for additional information on Connor Fielding. He needs a service number to access Fielding’s military archives.

While looking for more information, head to George’s apartment, and take the greenlit door out onto his balcony, where you will encounter a ghost, outside. The door the ghost leaves through is locked, so send Joey inside. The ghost turns out to be Tanya, from the autographed picture at Field’s gym. On the floor of her apartment is a note, blow it into the light to read it. Tanya isn’t much help, so head on out.

Back at Peter’s apartment, send in Joey and blow the membership card off of the table next to the couch, it’ll fall on the carpet and when Rosa enters, she has the ability to pick it up. With the card in your possession, head to the gym. Use the key card in the card reader by the door to enter the gym. Pick up the fallen picture frame to reveal Peter’s Father and his military service number; exactly what Officer Palmer needed.

Go back to Officer Palmer with the service number and he will run the ID number. Then, talk with Maggie regarding the information you just learned. Maggie gets upset and decides to go to the gravesite of her father to blow off some steam. Follow her there. Talk to her about why she hates Peter for being successful. She wants to be left alone for awhile, so leave her and head back to the bar.

Have Joey blow Ray’s glass onto the floor to distract the bartender just long enough to allow Rosa to escape out the back door. Grab the wash cloth from the dumpster, pour your coffee on top of the dumpster to melt the ice, wash the coffee mess off with the rag, and then throw the rag away. Climb up onto the dumpster and jump up to the ladder.

Ray keeps her client list on her computer, so just climb through the window, into her office, and download the file onto Rosa’s phone. Ray confronts you on the way out, but just hand over the memory stick (she doesn’t realize you downloaded it to your phone) and get out of there.

Now go to the gym and mark the calendar on the table for March 18th (the day Peter’s father died), and go have Joey bring Peter out to schedule a fitness routine. Peter will remember to go visit his father’s grave, and so follow him to the graveyard. Talk to Maggie when you get there to trigger a story event.

Once Peter is safely within Father Michael’s protection enchantment, step outside and do a search for Tanya Corsey. The search results will lead you to a new location: the television studio.  Talk to Jim and get what information you can, from him. Match Jim’s name to the client list to reveal that Jim had met with Heather previously. Jim confesses to everything and reveals that Heather was actually Tanya Corsey.

Go speak with Tanya’s ghost after Jim is done explaining things, tell her you know who she is, and then take her to Heather’s ghost. After another scene takes place, and you’re stuck pacing with Rosa/Madeline in front of the church, use the tie to strangle Madeline out of Rosa.

When Rosa is done with all the conversation options with her Auntie, switch back to Joey to find that Rosa is actually tied up in an asylum. Explore the asylum as Joey, find the empty cell, and just as you’re about to leave the ghost of Benjiro appears. Talk to him, and then follow him.

When Benjiro leaves, go back and try waking up Rosa. As Rosa, click to walk around the bend, away from Auntie, there is a ledge there but she can’t climb it on her own. Go back and ask Auntie for help. Head on out of the voidspace.

Back in reality, have Rosa crawl across the floor, to as close as she can get to the door. Then have Joey go out and into the room the Doctor is in, and blow the scalpel down the hallway and to the door of Rosa’s cell. Switch to Rosa and have her open the food-tray flap at the bottom of the door, and then have Joey blow the scalpel underneath. Then use the scalpel to free Rosa and cut away the padding against the wall, to reveal a vent to crawl through. Cut open the other portion of the wall to reveal an old pipe that can be used to pry off the vent grate. Crawl through the vent. Grab your clothes and a key from the white closet, and head on out. Use the key to get into the elevator.

Head straight to the school to confront Madeline; grab chalk from Michael’s dead body and head upstairs to find her. Talk to hear to try and reason with her. When she won’t budge use the tie on Rosa to transport to the void. Draw a circle on the platform then use Joey’s tie to ignite the circle’s powers, which in turn imbue his tie with powers.

Go snag Madeline with that empowered tie.

The end!