Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Walkthrough

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister – Game Introduction

Welcome the Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister walkthrough on Gamezebo. Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister is an adventure game played on the PC created by HER Interactive. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister.

General Tips

Day 1: Introducing the Storm Chasers

Dining Room


1. The weather service will issue what type of alert when a tornado has been spotted?

C. Tornado warning

2. How many tornadoes are recorded on average each year in the United States?

C. 1000

3. Tornadoes are measured using what system?

D. F-Scale

4. The least safe place to seek shelter in a public place, such as a theater or a mall, during a tornado is:

B. A large room

5. In preparation for an emergency, every family should have a tornado plan in place and this item:

A. Disaster kit

6. Which of the following is not indicative of a possible tornado?

C. Downburst

7. On average, what percentage of tornadoes each year rank as either an EF4 (wind speed gusts of 166-200 mph) or EF5 (wind speeds of 201+ mph)?

A. 1%

8. What causes the most injuries during a tornado?

D. Flying debris

Scott’s Office

Dining Room

Arrange the warning sirens on the chart in the living room.

Put together a disaster kit for Scott. (Also covers “Go to Ma and Pa’s and introduce myself”)

? Water- Take the green-tagged water (with the blue cap) from the cold drinks cooler.

? Bleach- Turn around and right to see it. Buy the one with the green tag.

? Can opener- Turn left at the end of the aisle and purchase the one with the blue tag.

? Duct tape- Buy the blue-tagged tape to the left of the can openers.

? Flashlight & Batteries- Look to the right of the milk cooler. Buy the blue-tagged flashlight (red carton). The actual flashlight itself is green. Purchase the green batteries to go with it.

? Toothpaste- Turn left at the corner. Buy the green-boxed toothpaste to the left of the candy display. It’s not on sale, but that’s ok.

? Salt & Sugar- Take a look at the shelves across from Pa. Buy the green-tagged salt and the green-tagged sugar to go with it.

? Granola bars- Located down the aisle from the salt, buy the blue-tagged ones (Flavor Mountain).

Fix the sprinklers.

Introduce yourself to Chase.

Day 2: Storm Photography

Fix the sensors in the corn field.

Select a vehicle to take on a cloud hunt with Frosty.

Upload cloud photos onto Frosty’s computer.

Return Chase’s MP3 player.

Midnight Storm

Day 3: Rodent Problems

See if Chase knows how to relocate the Prarie Dogs.

Find a mousetrap.

Find something tasty to put in the mousetrap.

Bring the new vacuum tube to Chase.

Go save those Prarie Dogs!

Catch the mice in Scott’s office.

Find the twister.

Day 4: Of Wind and Mice

See if Chase needs any help.

Give invoice to Scott.

Find out why Frosty’s screaming.

Catch the mice in the cellar.

Investigate Frosty’s video camera, see if there are any traces of the storm footage.

Catch the mice in Debbie’s office.

Fix the antennas.

Find out what went wrong with my GPS unit.

Day 5: The Supercell

Fix Scott’s telephone.

Search Scott’s office.

Look around for clues while everyone is out.

Visit Ma and Pa’s.

Catch the mice at Ma and Pa’s.

Take the divining rod back to Pa’s.

Fix the television.

Day 6: The Big Tornado

Activate the Doppler machine.

? 1, 4, 5. Press the button on the right.

? 7, 9, 11. Press the button on the right.

? 2, 3, 11. Press the button on the right.

? 3, 8, 11. Press the button on the right.

Scott’s Office

I should figure out what those symbols on Scott’s letter means.

*45+ dewpoint and continuous moderate rain.

*85 degrees + with either light hail.

*85 degrees + no thunder or severe thunderstorm with hail.

? March 3, 8, 18, 21 and 26.

? April 3, 6, 10, 23, 29.

? May 6 and 12.

The confrontation at the windmill.

Taking shelter.

Chasing the culprit.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister!