Casebook, Episode I Tips Walkthrough

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Casebook is a game based around mystery, investigation, and forensics. The goal of the game is to help in the recovery of a family’s kidnapped children. You will be playing the role of Detective Burton’s “Partner”. This game requires a vast amount of patience, for the answers and the evidence aren’t always very obvious! Your search and seek abilities and your ability to connect one piece of evidence to another will present a challenge only a few will be able to finish on their own. For everyone else, there’s this walkthrough.

Things to Know about the Game & Walkthrough Before Playing:

The walkthrough begins easy and very detailed, and gets simpler after the initial tutorial section of the game.

The walkthrough is divided into Objectives, which are goals that are set up for each Crime Scene. An important thing to note about this game is that it will not always name the objectives you need to move onto until you’re halfway through an actual objective, or it may never name it at all. If you complete an objective and the game doesn’t give you your next objective, you can continue to follow the walkthrough with complete ease: the game will eventually catch up to you.

Some items can be very difficult to find, and could result in the gamer becoming stuck. A very useful trick is to simply press the “i” key on your keyboard. If you missed an item you needed or can’t find one you’re looking for, a triangular eye icon will appear and direct you towards the item.

Do you know where you are in the game, but not in correspondence with the walkthrough? Use the Ctrl+f command and type in a keyword (i.e. Fibres, Champagne) to find what you’re looking for.

Make sure you link evidence to each other! If evidence needs to be linked, a red chain link will appear over the photo. Once it’s linked, a blue chain link icon will appear. If you’ve reached the end of the game but haven’t linked all the evidence together, you won’t get to see the ending! If you follow this guide though, you won’t have that problem.

Cutscenes will appear on and off throughout the gameplay. These cutscenes have more to do with the story than the actual gameplay, though a few will give you items of evidence at the end.  

If at any point you forget how to use or perform a certain function, you can press the F1 key for help and a basic tutorial and explanation will appear.


The camera can be taken out using the right click of your mouse. To take a snapshot, click with the left mouse button. To zoom in and out, use the toggle reel in between the right and left buttons on your mouse (note: if you’re using a laptop mouse, you can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard instead). To put the camera away, simply click the right mouse button (or esc on the keyboard). You can also use the arrow keys to walk.

Uploading Pictures:
Your camera can only hold 8 pictures at a time. To upload the pictures you’ve taken and to examine them as evidence, return to the crime van and simply click on the computer to upload photos. Once you’re done uploading and examining the evidence, by default you’ll be taken back to the evidence folder.

Linking Photos/Evidence:
To link photos or pieces of evidence to each other, click on the photo you’d like to connect and drag it over top the photo you’d like to connect it to. If the connection is successful, a blue chain link icon will appear on each photo. If a photo requires a link still, a red chain link icon will be visible over the picture.

Dusting for Prints:
When dusting for prints, the mouse cursor will turn into a dusting brush. Move the mouse back and forth, and all around the object or area to dust. Once you identify a print, you can click on it to move onto the next step, or just dust until the blue bar is completely filled. The exact same principle applies to the ESDA Wand and the Blacklight.

Separating Chromosomes:
The chromosomes will be greenish in color when you begin, which means they need to be separated. Once a chromosome turns grey, it’s been separated and no longer needs attention. To move chromosomes, you can click next to them with your mouse. You can also move them faster or strong by holding down the click of the mouse button. When all of them are grey, you will move on to the next step.

Swabbing & Taking Samples:
This is just like dusting, only way easier. Just click on the area that needs to be swabbed or tested (i.e. Mud smudge, whiskey spill, etc).

Using the Tweezers:
Probably the easiest thing to do, when you use these your cursor will become a set of tweezers. Click on the object that needs to be examined closer.

Using the Bunsen Burner:
When isolating chemicals with the Bunsen Burner, you will need to heat the sample just right. You can control where it is placed, how low or how high, with the mouse. Watch the bar at the bottom of the screen for clues as to what you need to do: you will want the bar to be green. If the bar is blue, the sample is too cold and should be lowered on the flame. If the bar is yellow or red, you will need to lift the sample so it can cool.

Using the Centrifuge:
This one’s simple: rotate the mouse in a clockwise circle around the machine to spin it. Once the blue bar at the bottom is filled, you’re done!

Fingerprints & Shoe Prints: Finding Key Points of Interest:
When you’re faced with identifying a fingerprint or a shoe print, you’ll be asked to identify six points of interest. For fingerprints, this includes islands, dots, bifurcations, and ridge endings. For shoe prints, it includes primarily flaws or worn grooves in the shoe (that are not part of the original tread). There’s more than six points of interest for each you’ll encounter, so chances are you’ll be able to figure it out relatively easily.


Crime Scene 1: The Bedroom

Objective: Match Footprints

Crime Van

Objective: Track the Kidnapper
Take pictures of the following objects:
1.    Ransom Note (on floor, crime marker #1)
2.    Smashed Birdcage (near window)
3.    Windowsill
4.    Fibres (located on the blue bed sheet)
5.    Fibres (located on the pink bed sheet)
6.    Joystick (on the floor below the computer monitor)
7.    Rocking Horse
8.    Window Pane
9.    Stain on Floor (beside Harry’s blue bed)
Note: Your camera can only hold 8 pictures at a time, so you will have to take multiple trips.

Crime Van

1. Ransom Note

2. Smashed Birdcage

3. Windowsill

4. Fibres (Harry’s Bed)

5. Fibres (Greta’s Bed)

6. Joystick

7. Rocking Horse

8. Window Pane

9. Stain

Objective: Find Evidence from Family

Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Brown Chair (specifically armrest, between window and Greta’s bed)
2. Top of Brown Chair (same chair as armrest)
3. Bedhead (Head Railing of Greta’s Bed)
4. Cat Basket (Foot of Greta’s Bed)
5. Left side of Desk (right side of the room from the door)

Crime Van
Upload and Process the following evidence:
1. Chair

2. Chair (top)

3. Bedhead (Greta’s Bed)

4. Cat Basket

5. Desk

Objective: Find Exemplars
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Cup (on side table beside Greta’s Bed)
2. Pillow (Greta’s Bed)
3. Picture (on wall, next to door and above dollhouse)
4. Pillow (Harry’s Bed)
5. Jacket (hanging on door)

Crime Van

Upload and process the following evidence:
1. Cup

2. Pillow (Greta’s Bed)

3. Picture

4. Pillow (Harry’s Bed)

5. Jacket

Cutscene: Greta Returns Home
Note: After cutscene, you will obtain “Greta’s rope marks,” “Greta’s blood,” and “Greta’s clothes.”
Greta’s Rope Marks

Greta’s Clothes

Greta’s Blood

After processing and linking all the evidence, you should notice a yellow Post-it in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Click on it to search for Harry’s location.

Searching for Harry’s Location:
1. In the map screen where you are asked to select a tower, select “Tower 3”.
2. Narrow your search by choosing “Heavy Industry” next
3. Finally, choose the “South” option.

Your findings will lead you to a Sugar Factory. Congratulations, a new crime scene has been unlocked!

Crime Scene 2: The Refinery

Objective: Prove the Children have been here
After a cutscene in which the detective expresses his mistrust of the family, take pictures of the following objects:
1. Blanket (red, in far right corner)
2. Rope (on red blanket)
3. Tape (use camera to zoom, on red blanket)
4. Fluidstain (on red blanket)
5. Sugar (in right corner past oil drum)
6. Soda Bottle (between table and red blanket)
7. Noodles (on table in middle of room)
8. Vent (in upper left corner of room)

Crime Van
Upload and Process the following evidence:
1. Blanket

2. Rope

3. Tape

4. FluidStain
5. Sugar

6. Soda Bottle

7. Noodles

8. Vent

Objective: Prove the Kidnapper was at the Refinery
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Oily Footprint (near oil drum and Fluid by entrance door)
2. Fluid (below oil drum to immediate right of door upon entry)
3. Hair in Oil (right next to/in fluid near door)
4. Burger Bag (on edge of table near door)
5. Pipe (on opposite side of room, between red Blanket and Vent)
6. Candy Wrapper (On floor in front of Vent)
7. Tweezers (on table right next to Burger Bag)

Crime Van
Upload and process the following evidence:
1. Oily Footprint

2. Fluid

3. Hair in Oil

4. Burger Bag

5. Pipe

6. Candy Wrapper

7. Tweezers

Crime Scene 3: The Junkyard

Objective: Prove that Lionel is the Kidnapper
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Jacket (on chair near door)
2. Sneakers (on floor under small table to left of counter)
3. Tape (on side table beside bed)
4. Rope (at foot of bed)
5. Bloodstain (on floor below file cabinet near rope)
6. Note (on top of file cabinet)
7.  Notepad (on top of TV)
8. Door Handle (on entrance door)
9. Blond Hair (on farthest chair upon entry)
10. Shoes (under bed)
Note: Your camera can only hold 8 pictures at a time, so you will have to make multiple trips to gather all the evidence.

Crime Van
Upload and process the following evidence:
1. Jacket

2. Sneakers

3. Tape

4. Rope

5. Blood Stain

6. Note

7. Notepad

8. Door Handle

9. Blond Hair

10. Shoes

Note: You may not be able to take a picture of “Note” until after you’ve analyzed “Notepad” in your evidence. It might be a good idea to save “Note” for your second trip.

Objective: Establish that Harry was here
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Tape (on white rug near bed)
2. Hair (on pillow on bed)
3. Cup (located on stove)

Crime Van
Upload and process the following evidence:
1. Tape

2. Hair

3. Cup

Objective: Find out how Lionel was Killed
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Champagne (Bottle) (on floor near kitchen counter)
2. Spill (in front of champagne bottle)
3. Cork (next to magazine, in front of Champagne Bottle)
4. Smashed Glass (beside Champagne Bottle)
5. Pills (behind Champagne Bottle)

Crime Van
Upload and process the following evidence:
1. Champagne

2. Spill

3. Cork

4. Smashed Glass

5. Pills

Objective: Deduce the Size of the Kidnapper’s Group
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Wine Glass 1 (on table near door)
2. Wine Glass 2 (on table near door)
3. Ashtray (on table above playing cards)
4. Playing Cards (on main table)
5. Photograph (above bed)
6. Footprint (on doormat)
7. Closet (to immediate right upon entry, next to fridge)

Crime Van
Upload and process the following evidence:
1. Wine Glass (1)

2. Wine Glass (2)

3. Ashtray

4. Playing Cards

5. Photograph

6. Footprint

7. Closet

After linking all the evidence in the evidence folder, you will see a Postit in the bottom left hand corner that suggest you check the Crime Van computer. Check it to discover Jacket, Tabloid (1) and Tabloid (2). Click on each to gather more information: afterwards, the two tabloids will be thrown out and the Jacket will be moved to the evidence folder, where it links with Photograph.

Cutscene: The Interrogation: During this cutscene, you will be asked to do one of two things: nod to encourage a strongarmed approach (move mouse up and down) or shake your head to encourage a psychological approach (move mouse side to side). The choice itself doesn’t matter, since either one will have the same outcome.

Crime Scene 4: The Bunker

Objective: Find the Person, Find the Killer
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Shears (on corner of shelf near door on the entrance side)
2. Boots (on shelf near door)
3. Blood Spots (on floor below shears)
4. Gloves (on floor by back wall)
5. Wig (on chair at back wall)

Crime Van
Upload and analyze the following evidence:
1. Shears

2. Boots

3. Blood Spots

4. Gloves

5. Wig

Objective: Look for Trace Evidence connecting the Killer to Lionel’s Junkyard
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Poison (on shelf to right of starting position)
2. Syringe (next to Rat Poison/on opposite side of shelf, can also be accessed from chair area)
3. Glasses (on shelf in box below Rat Poison)
4. Blade (on shelf to the right of starting position, 1 over from Rat Poison)
5. Champagne (at far back wall on top of wine rack, near chair)
6. Orchid (in front of/beside Champagne)
7. Boots (located beside chair)

Crime Van
Upload and analyze the following evidence:
1. Rat Poison

2. Syringe

3. Glasses

4. Blade

5. Champagne

6. Orchid

7. Boots

Objective: Find the Tape Fragments
Take pictures of the following objects:
1. Tape Fragment (1) (located near door on the table with the dried plants)
2. Tape Fragment (2) (in front of table with dried plants, located on floor by metal pot)
3. Tape Fragment (3) (on shelf to the left of the knife with the fabric snag)
4. Tape Fragment (4) (on shelf below the knife with the fabric snag)
5. Tape Fragment (5) (on floor below the knife with the fabric snag)
Note: If you’re having a difficult time finding the tape fragments, now is a good time to use the “i” function on the keyboard.

Crime Van
Upload and analyze the following evidence:
1. Tape Fragment (1)

2. Tape Fragment (2)

3. Tape Fragment (3)

4. Tape Fragment (4)

5. Tape Fragment (5)

After assembling all the Tape Fragments in the evidence folder, a yellow Postit will appear that says “Reconstruct Audio Tape”. There are 6 broken tape segments on the top audio bar, and the beginning of the tape on the second bar.

Here’s the how to solve the puzzle:

Cutscene: Convicting a Killer
At one point during the interrogation, you will be asked by Burton if he should take a strong approach or a psychological approach. Whichever your decision, the same result occurs.

Congratulations, you’ve beaten the game! Enjoy your final cutscenes!